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  • CO2 Net ZeroESG: Genuine or

    Environment rating doubts.
    HP#1 Nwk v IBD only #19?

    Environmental, Social & Govt (ESG)
    is synonymous with commitment to 'net zero' carbon emissions, ethical and green trading. Sadly, as with many corporate policies, claims don't match practices. A great example is HP, rated #1 by Newsweekfeatured only #19 in IBD's Top 100. We analyse why, along with other big business supply brands...Updated

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  • Officeless man 2020.png Workplace? Office
    is where you are!

    Hybrid hikes productivity.
    Can dealers svc AZUREs?

    The digital age driven by 
    Apple, Google & Amazon exploded from 2007, sparked a new entrepreneurial revolution where smart mobiles enabled 'anywhere, paperless, officeless' working. Welcome to the new Age of the AZURE Workers. How can resellers service their needs? How can they compete without user friendly webstores and same day WFH delivery? Complete

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  • Screen Shot 2022 09 13 at 2.23.32 PMThe Gateway to
    a Healthier World

    ISSA's North America
    Cleaning Show Preview

    The ISSA Show North America
    returns to McCormick Place, Chicago (Oct10-13) in what promises to be a terrific 600 vendors' show with education sessions, guest speakers, and networking with hygiene supply professionals. We speak with ISSA director John Barrett about expectations....

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  • Screen Shot 2022 09 07 at 9.56.12 AMWill Hygiene market
    suffer OP tumult?

    Rapid rollups raise doubts
    on motivations of acquirers

    The "It's like déjà vu all over again"
     quote may aptly describe the rapid rollups happening in the hygiene, foodservice & packaging supply market right now. Public company/VC backed players Imperial, Envoy and BradyIFS are acquiring regional dealers monthly. The big question: will the consolidation process mirror the OP bigbox market 30yrs ago and end in tears of disintegration? Later today

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  • Lucy home working 21What Lucy wants
    in business supply

    • 1 click mobile webstores
    • Personalized delivery
    • Hybrid, hygienic offices

    Proficiency Index's 16th Annual Businesswomen 12 Pt Buying Survey (resumes from 2019), primarily users (typically Lucy) with executive power, is more valuable than ever. It provides greater insights into the latest trends in WFH, hybrid work and mobile shopping in business ... 
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Hsu mike KCKimberly Clark:
clean up or out?

'Musical chair' exec moves.
Flat sales, losing mkt share

Kimberly Clark,
the $19Bn personal hygiene brandmaker, recently held an investors' conference. CEO Mike Hsu's near 4yr tenure has not improved flat sales performance or market share, yet he announced +5-7% inflated growth forecast for 2022, Now he's changing the short time serving exec team. How much longer will investors tolerate lack of progress for the iconic brand? 

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Screen Shot 2022 10 03 at 11.15.14 AMAmazon's robot to
pick 1000 skus/hr

3D & AI powered 'pinch &
grasp' boosts productivity

prototype 'Pick & Grasp' robotic picker is the latest development aiming to increase efficiency in its 200+ fulfillment centers. Innovations in a minimum clicks, webstore user experience; AWS cloud services; carbon reduction pledge; EV deliveries and automated warehouse systems look set to sustain its long term busines supply market leadership

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tillis jason rob imperial warehouseImperial bags
54/55th acquistns 

Rapid rollup: will owners
integrate or strip & flip?

VCs Bain Capital & Advent joint owned Imperial Dade, continued the rapid roll-up of regional hygiene, food service & packaging suppliers in the US/Canada. The latest moves in Alabama and Quebec track a path pioneered by Bunzl, followed by FEMSA-Envoy & BradyIFS. The persistent question mark continues: will VC's really invest in systems and brand integration?

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Screen Shot 2022 10 02 at 7.14.54 PMTop Foodservice
Trends of 2022

New staff'g, mktg, product,
srvce, pkg, delivery needs

Dining service evolved at a slow pace until Covid disrupted the industry and ushered in a new era for foodservice needs. Restaurant operators and suppliers had to adapt to new challenges in supply and staffing shortages and higher 'touchless' hygiene standards...

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Screen Shot 2022 07 06 at 12.07.20 PMNormalization en
route or recession?

WSt. doomsayers in denial
re: strong jobs & consumer

Worldwide economic slowdown is in process, with the concurrent chaotic effects of Covid, Putin's War & China's lockdown, causing  huge supply shortages and inflation. But, with inflation and shortages abating, are we entering a period of normalization like 2019, or will there be a recession as Wall St. insists? We get top economists latest views...

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Screen Shot 2022 09 30 at 2.03.30 PMLaggard Lexmark
copies HP 'Instant'

Subscription D2C bypasses
channel ptnrs. Who's next?

launched Instant 'Ink-as-a-Service' subscription service direct to consumers (D2C) in Dec'20. Now fading Chinese owned ink giant Lexmark is following suit in a desperate attempt to slow its terminal demise. It's called OnePrint cartridge subscription service for some of its GO Line devices.

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vultures circling depotSappi sells paper
mills to vultures

Europe 700K tons/capacity
set up for asset strip & flip

Leading paper and packaging maker Sappi Group has agreed to sell 3 major European paper mills to the vulture capitalist that accelerated the disintegration of Office Depot. Moreover, the VC doubled down in the dying print industry with another acquisition? You couldn't make this stuff up!

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Hygiene clean office 21Hygiene Supply
overtakes OP mkt 

Foodsvc & Pkg cuts paper
& print to <25% biz market

Trad paper-printer products' domination of business supply is over. Tech supplies overtook OP in 2008; Hygiene & Safety supplies in 2015; Foodservice & Packaging each before 2025. Meanwhile, most dealers are stuck with 60%+/sales in OP, even as makers' volumes plunge as digitization takes over. We review biz market trends and recommend action...Later today

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owen andi HMiller thumb other250 0MillerKnoll's hybrid

work growth stalls

WFH concepts offset soft,
returning office demand

the enlarged #1furnituremaker maintained its focus on strong WFH demand, with the contract market recovering but slowing orders. Retail designs stalled after recent styrong growth. Upbeat ceo Andi Owen is focused on strong WFH demand, mobile systems innovation and integration of Knoll.

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Screen Shot 2022 09 28 at 1.59.45 PMR e s t a u r a n t s'
return  r o l l i n g 

Baird Survey reports
rising user demand

According to respected Baird Real-Time Restaurants Survey reports, on major chains representing $11Bn in revenues, consumer demand has accelerated throughout the summer months up to  Sept25. Moreover, compared with pre Covid norm 2019 restaurant revenues are up over 20% fed by double digit price inflation...

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