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  • Are dealer groups an endangered species?

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    Are dealer groups an endangered species?

    Where’s the beef?
    Where’s the difference?
    The death of me-too, mickey-mouse mailings?
    Can manufacturers afford to sustain support?

    8 Aug 09 (Updated 0900 CT; 1500 UK time)
    We’ve been alerted in the last 2/3 weeks by news emanating from dealer groups, that have simply served to raise questions about the real value of dealer groups themselves.

  • BullSchmidt’s blame game backfires

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    BullSchmidt’s blame game backfires

    Fired California salesman’s attorney fires back at Depot’s false accusations

    8 Aug 09
    Steve Schmidt the increasingly paranoid president of Office Depot’s BS division last week accused the fired  ex-salesman Earl Ante of managing the overcharging process of City of Berkeley.
  • Depot’s dirty denials drag on

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    ODgate Scandal Exclusive

    Depot’s dirty denials drag on

    BullSchmidt gets FAQ’s wrong again, attacks fired salesman over “false lawsuit allegations”

    6  Aug 09
    You couldn’t make this up! Office Depot has once again posted misleading information on its investors website, this time attacking a  fired employee who refused to take part in their systematic overcharging of government accounts.

    This is yet another act of desperation by Steve Schmidt, the increasingly paranoid president of Depot’s Business Solutions Division.
  • California creaming with Depot kickbacks?

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    California creaming with Depot kickbacks?

    Nonprofit US Communities under heavy suspicion for collusion, conspiracy and fraudulent practices

    5 Aug 09
    Recently, on the state level, the National Office Products Alliance (NOPA), the US trade association, issued a press release urging the the California Attorney General to look specifically at Office Depot's Walnut Creek-based US Communities contracts. Regular readers will remember that Proficiency Post broke this story exclusively back in July 2008 covering what we headlined at the time as ‘Nonprofit or Con-Profit?’

    The story is about to go mainstream….  

  • Bigbox stock less

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    Bigbox stock less

    Depot and Max turn to

    wholesalers to aid liquidity crunch

    4 Aug 09
    Last week the #2 Office Depot and #3 OfficeMax bigbox players reported cash inflows during Q2’09 fuelled by working capital reductions.

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