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  • 2010 Productivity Review of Resellers

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    Ellison-Tony-shoplet-web-paProficiency Index

    Productivity is up!

    2010 Reseller Review

    Will 2009 leader Shoplet be overtaken? Who will lead the ‘stocking’ league?

    30 Nov’10 (Updated)

    I have been asked to bring forward the very popular Annual Productivity Review of US/UK resellers. We will publish this on Friday and invite resellers not previously listed to submit any claims over $400,000 sales/employee (£250,000). Please email Peter Frost before Monday 5 December 2010

  • Social Media - Branding - Advance advocacy

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    social-media-buzzNew rules of branding

    with social media 

    Advance advocacy!

    The funnel is finished...

    learn the loyalty loop



    27 Nov 10 (Updated)

    The web has overturned how consumers engage with brands. It is transforming marketing methods and dismissing traditional strategies. For marketers, the old way of doing business is unsustainable.

  • Top 6 women marketers 2010

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    Top6-_women-marketersProficiency Index
    2010 Poll Results

    Top 6 women
    OP marketers

    The winners + mini-profiles are:


    27 Nov 10 (Completed)
    Many thanks for submitting nominations and voting for the top female marketers in the OP industry. We list the top 6 in alphabetical order with a mini-profile of noted achievements…

  • Carbon cutting co-operation

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    Wal-Mart_greenCarbon cutting


    Unlikely partnerships forming
    between Wal-Mart and FedEx


    By Lucy Jermyn
    27 Nov 10

    Although aggressive climate action is basically frozen in the U.S., the hard work of carbon emissions reduction continues among states, cities, corporations, and nonprofits.

  • Colour-coded Climate Counts

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    Climate Counts

    Will sustainable shopping guide

    help brands make green strides?


    By Lucy Jermyn,

    25 Nov 10

    Humans are well intentioned, but lazy creatures; give us a long-winded report about sustainable retailers and we will quickly forget about it.

  • Best Buy's into Twitter

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    judge-barry-dunn-brian-best-buyBest Buy’s

    into Twitter

    Consumer electronics king’s

    insight ahead of Black Friday



    By Brian Dunn CEO Best Buy

    25 Nov 10

    Tomorrow is Black Friday, the biggest US retail shopping day of the year, followed by Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopper day. Best Buy is forecast to attract bumper traffic. Brian Dunn talks about the Twitter effect

  • Proficiency Profile - Reliant Business Products

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    woodall-steveReliant: refreshed
    and ready to roll

    Houston dealer committed to full
    customer productivity partnerships


    24 Nov 10
    It is almost 2 months since we first interviewed the Reliant Business Productsmanagement team. We apologize to them and our readers for the extended delay. So we called them again yesterday to refresh their profile. It was worth waiting for!

  • Trouble with Pay Button

    Checkout and upgrading?

    If you have experienced any problems with upgrading or the checkout process...

  • Exclusive Interview: HiTouch House of Brands

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    Hi-touch-boysExclusive Interview

    The HiTouch house
    of service brands

    Strategy lowdown with Michael Brown... sales development or acquisition?


    21 Nov 10

    Two weeks ago, the legendary leaders of the newly formed HiTouch Business Services, Howardand Michael Brown, announced the acquisition of MyOfficeProducts, their first major move since returning to the OP market in May.


    We posed 8 questions to CEO Michael on the grand expansion plans. Here are the answers....

  • Proficiency Poll - Top 20 Women Marketers

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    Top-20-womenProficiency Index Poll

    Top 20 Women
    OP Marketers

    Please make your reasoned nominations


    21 Nov 10 (Updated)
    Both leading Fortune and Forbesmagazines have recently published their lists of the most powerful women in business. We thought it was a good idea to recognize the top female marketers leading the OP industry’s transformation from box shifters to productivity service providers.  


    All entries have now been received and results will be published in a special feature on Monday

  • Sustainability scorecard

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    Wal-Mart_greenEthonomic trends


    Suppliers urged to green-up!


    By Lucy Jermyn,
    20 Nov 10

    When Wal-Mart sent out its pioneering sustainability survey in 2009 it started a chain reaction initiated by its major vendors

  • Crystal Rock cuts into OP market

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    crystal_rock_baker_peterCrystal Rock cuts
    into OP market

    Acquires Northeast office dealer


    20 Nov 10

    On 1 November, publicly owned Crystal Rock, the US northeast region coffee and waterdistributor made its first move into the office market…

  • Avery green ambassadors

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    avery-label-padsUK Green Business Awards

    A very green


    Green office week initiative


    16 Nov 10

    Congratulations to Avery Office Products a winner at the prestigious Green Business Awards, the UK's most comprehensive awards scheme for environmental business performance.

  • Office Depot in pay-to-play scam?

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    Depot in pay-

    to-play scam?

    Better Business Bureau urged
    to cease dodgy rating system


    14 Nov 10

    ABC News announced today an investigation into ‘pay-to-play’ allegations against Better Business Bureau (BBB).This raises serious questions about how Office Depot’s summer downgrade (F) was suddenly upgraded to A-?

  • Depot the serial defrauder

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    Depot the serial
    d e f r a u d e r

    Unethical arrogance and
    incompetence still rife

    13 Nov 10

    “Office Depot overcharged Florida District until the bitter end" wrote Dave Breitenstein, government and education reporter, of Fort Myers News-Press.

  • CSR Comparison Report - Staples and Office Depot

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    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Comparison report

    Who leads? Soul
    train or green bus?

    Is Office Depot really ahead
    of Staples in the green race?


    12 Nov 10 (Completed 1900ET; 2400 GMT)

    Newsweek magazinerecently featured the Top 100 greenest public companies in America. Commendably Office Depot were listed 18th and Staples 23rd. Both recently released their CSR reports. We compare and draw conclusions and comment.

  • Proficiency Index - Reseller Brand Design Review

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    reseller-brand-design-logoAnnual Brand Design Review

    Are you proud of
    your brand image?

    Who will rate the best? Who is dressed to impress? Who gets its message across best to user-choosers?


    5 Nov 10 (updated)

    Last year we attracted an impressive number of entries from US and UK dealers, to our first Reseller Brand Design Review. We invite dealers again to email with their brand image, logos, message and webstore designs and the Proficiency Index team will assess and constructively comment.


    To date we have received 42 responses...



  • Proficiency Profile - Yuletide OS

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    Yuletide-OS-team-1Yuletide has
    the growth gift

    Memphis marketers becoming

    high-frequency radio stars


    4 Nov 10

    The energetic Millerfamily, leaders of Yuletide Office Solutionsof Memphis (TN) are on a roll with a number of initiatives that could come out of the best practice play book of the most progressive dealers on the planet.

  • OffDepot's DIRTY 'bait and switch' tactics

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    Government Health Warning

    Depot’s dirty ‘bait
    and Schmidt’ tactics

    TCPN contract full of dodgy deceptions: random discontinuation; inflated list prices to enable deeper discounts; disguised delivery charges


    2 Nov 10

    Office Depot may have cleaned out its unethical CEO, but it has not cleaned up its dishonest ‘bait and switch’ contract pricing methods…

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