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  • 2010 OP Market Month-by-month review

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    best-performers-2010Office Productivity Market 2010 Review

    Tech refresh; indie gains inspire strong recovery

    A month-by-month review of 2010 with many positive signs for progressive service providers


    31 Dec 10 (Complete)

    Time to review a positive year for progressive service providers setting an example to dealers stuck with the traditional stationery attitude. 

  • Best Buy UK build 'on track'

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    best-buy-thurrockBest Buy UK
    build ‘on track’

    Questions raised over northeast plans


    29 Dec 10

    Best Buy, the world’s #1 consumer electronics retailer, said its plans to expand in Britain next year remain on track in spite of pulling out of a significant property deal in the northeast of England.

  • Devious Depot denied insurance

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    Devious Depot
    denied insurance

    Terminal tailspin continues as mounting $M’s legal costs outpace penalties



    29 Dec 10

    Office Depotcontinues to dominate the negative news headlines as the authorities catch up with the claims of dodgy duo ex-CEO Steve Odland and Deputy Dog Steve Schmidt.

  • Best brand designs 2010

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    US-Brand-fun-logosFAME Index

    Best brand

    designs 2010

    Review of US and UK resellers’
    images, logos and straplines


    28 Dec 10 (Completed)

    At last progressive dealers are getting the importance of brand image. More and more are moving away from a ‘cut-and-paste’ look, overloaded with cheap ‘kitchen-sink’ impressions of paperclips and stationery. Here’s the FAME Indexteam’s review and ratings of the Top 12 US and Top 12 UK reseller brand images:

  • Office Depot deceit denounced

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    Depot  d e c e i t
    d e n o u n c e d

    Calls for new Florida governor to dismiss defective contract


    27 Dec 10
    Outrage continues to grow over a controversial contract amendment signed between Florida DMS Secretary Linda South and Office Depotpresident Steve Schmidt.

  • Christmas 2010 Characters List

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    christmas-montage-2010Christmas 2010
    Characters List

    The stars? The turkeys?
    The wisemen? The crackers?


    24 Dec’10 (Refreshed)

    Our thanks go to all those that participated by putting forward suggestions for our Christmas Characters list. The nominations were fairly predictable in another turbulently tough year:

  • Special tribute to the Dynamos of the Decade

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    Dynamos2010-1-5Special Tribute to the

    Dynamos of
    the Decade

    10 innovative marketing

    icons from the Noughties.


    24 Dec 10 (Refreshed)

    Many industry people tell us sadly things ain’t what they used to be. We disagree, things are so much better now. There are more progressive characters driving growth and having fun than at any time in the last 30 years.

    We pay special tribute 10 such dynamos...

  • Top10 Webstores of 2010

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    ontimesupplies-webpageTop 10 Webstores in 2010

    W o n d e r f u l

    W e b s t o r e s

    The best got better! New rising stars! Resellers respond positively to urgent challenge

    23 Dec 10 (Completed1800ET; 2300 GMT)
    Regular readers know that we have campaigned resellers for 3 years to match the Amazon.comwebstore experience that women in business prefer. The great news is that 9 have matched and exceeded the experience. Especially these champions…

  • Proficiency Index - Power Performers 2010

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    Proficiency Index

    The P O W E R 

    Performers 2010

    Who wins the growth champions challenge for US and UK resellers


    23 Dec'10 (Updated 1300ET; 1800 GMT))

    Last year, Tony EllisonCEO at Shoplet.com scooped the pool with a tremendous triple-top perfomance: #1 webstore; #1 in productivity; and #1 in market growth. Can anyone match that in 2010. We suggest some hot performers and welcome your contributions. 


    Nominations all in...the countdown from #10 down #1 follows here:


  • Proficiency Index Productivity Champions 2010

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    productivity-starsProficiency Index

    OP Reseller Review

    The Productivity

    Champions 2010

    New leaner US/UK entrants 

    outpace 2009 leaders

    23 Dec’10 (Refreshed)

    We’ve been busy reviewing best practice in one of the most universally accepted measures of reseller productivity and a strong profitability indicator.


    As started in 2009, we differentiate between stocking, stockless and pure internet resellers. 

  • Trouble with Check and viewing the cart

    Unable to view cart?

    We have had a few reports from people who are unable to view the cart when in the checkout who are using Vista with IE8.

  • Who are the OP industry's greenest?

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    Green-montageProficiency Index Survey

    The Green Giants 2010 
    Champions of low carbon, sustainability and ethics


    23 Dec 10 (Refreshed)

    The tremendous initiatives by a number of OP industry leaders in corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, ethics, recycling and cutting carbon emissions moved us to check out the progress of the industry at large. Here are the winning resellers and manufacturers…the independents excelled

  • Co-creating eco-friendly gains

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    glad-bags-cloroxC o - c r e a t i n g
    eco-friendly gains

    “Good for the planet…good for profit”


    By Lucy Jermyn,

    23 Dec 10

    A few weeks back we featured a piece about co-creation innovation. That's what is called the practice of finding a synergistic partner and creating something together.

  • Dithering Depot in disarray

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    Faking Care of Business

    Dithering Depot
    in total disarray

    Schizo Schmidt: “Go with TCPN; no, go with NIPA; no wait, all go with TCPN”


    21 Dec 10

    Office DepotDeputy Dog Steve Schmidt is getting exposed as an incompetent, unethical and desperately indecisive president. His latest letters to the US Communities are beyond belief

  • Office Depot's last ditch offer to salvage US Communities

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    Is this Deputy Dog

    Schmidt’s last act?

    Desperate double discount offers to try and salvage US Communities


    20 Dec 10

    Office Depot BSD president Steve Schmidtsent a letter to all US Communities customers earlier this month declaring the discredited TCPNagreement as the primary national agreement for its government business.

  • Office Depot damaged beyond repair

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    Depot damaged,
    beyond repair?

    Odland exit was tip of iceberg… more tailspinning tales from Deputy Dog Schmidt; plus odd empathy with OPI


    16 Dec 10

    Office Depotwill enter 2011 without a CEO and under multiple investigations of fraud at both the federal and state level. Every week, new revelations of fraud and contract losses pinball its desperate path towards self destruction.

  • Office Depot's $4.25 pay off in SF

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    Depot's $4.25m

    fraud pay off

    Overcharging denials and

    delay tactics settled in SF


    15 Dec 10

    San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrerayesterday announced a settlement agreement with Office Depotone year after tenuous denials.

  • Best Buy Q3'10 Financial Review

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    bestbuy_storeB e s t  B u y
    hits buffers

    Slower TV demand not offset
    by strong smart phones/tablets

    14 Dec10
    Best Buy,
    the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported disappointing sales and flat profits in Q3’10 ended 27 Nov 10
  • OP's Top Growth City 2010

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    5-citiesBoston, Chicago, London,

    Minneapolis, NY or Seattle?

    Top Growth

    City in 2010

    Where is it all happening in OP?


    14 Dec 10

    Chicagois the home of the modern day OP industry. In recent years Boston has taken the lead with many challengers emerging. So who leads in 2010?  

  • Kimberly Clark brand strategy

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    kleenex-hand-towels-home-1KC’s sunshine
    brand strategy

    Brand promise at core of innovation


    13 Dec 10

    The key men behind Kimberly-Clark'sbrand strategy, including vice-president of family care for Europe Troy Warfield, discusses how the FMCG giant is meeting some very modern challenges. Lessons for brand owners of basic commodities…

  • Florida flaws fudge Office Depot fraud

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    Florida flaws fudge Depot fraud

    ‘Cabal of incompetence’ to be exposed by new governor Scott


    12 Dec 10

    Florida governor elect Rick Scott is faced with an immediate order to investigate allegations by the Naples Daily Newsthat Office Depot overcharged the state up to $30 million.

  • Desperate Depot stoops low to lobby

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    Breaking News...

    Desperate Depot 

    stoops low to lobby

    Baskerville hounds on BullSchmidt’s behalf in unethical counter attack


    8 Dec 10

    Office Depot have mounted an all out attack to try and salvage heavy losses of public sector business to Independent Stationers…

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