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  • ODgate Scandal Breaking News: Florida fire Office Depot

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    ODgate Scandal – Breaking News

    Florida fire
    Office Depot

    Will president Schmidt blame the economy again for this loss?

    28 Feb 10

    Memos from theHillsboroughCounty auditor reveal that theFlorida Department of Management Services (DMS)has decided to terminate the current office supply contract withOffice Depot through theU.S. Communities.

    When will other state agencies wake up to the dodgy Depot dealings with US Commuities contracts?

  • Disconnected dealer brands

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    dealer brands

    Failing to follow the rules of engagement with user choosers

    23 Feb 10

    New research from agencyTargetbase Claydon Heeley (TBCH) suggests that although a majority of marketers are confident they are engaging with their audiences, users believe the opposite.

    This study is a revelation, which in our view mirrors the OP market activity. We talk to many dealers who are proud of their relationships with stationery buyers, but unknown to the more important decision makers and user choosers in business supplies.

  • Upside down - the office market transformation

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    The OP market
    transformation 2010

    Upside down
    you’re turning me

    Inside out…round and round


    12 Feb 10 (Updated and completed 1600 ET; 2100UK time)

    It has almost become a given that the publicly funded, bigbox power players will be the long term winners in the OP marketplace and that the independents will be the losers.


    We disagree and provide some powerful reasons here why this is not going to happen.

  • The march of the massmarketers

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    The march of the mass marketers

    Leaders report major market gains in business supplies. How you should respond

    11 Feb 10 (Updated 1900ET; 2400 UK time)

    “Wal-Mart sell more office supplies for fun than we sell seriously” said Staples CEO  Ron Sargent recently. Moreover, all of these massmarketers sell serious  volume of business supplies into small medium sized businesses (SMB/SME over 10-1000 employees). Oh yes they do!


    Distribution channels have blurred. There are no longer dividing lines between retail (B2C), web and commercial delivery business (B2B). The opportunity is there for all dealers to be a multi-channel players. We study the leading players and explain how.

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