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  • UKOS tops Sunday Times Green List

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    green-buildingsSunday Times 2010
    Best Green Companies
    UKOS tops 

    Green List

    Wiles Greenworld soars to 12th


    30 May 10

    Results of The Sunday Times annual competition to find companies at the cutting edge of improving corporate environmental performance were published earlier today.


    Congratulations go to 3 office companies who finished in the top 12 list of best green companies...

  • Transformational Twitter boosts Best Buy

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    Twitter boosts
    Best Buy

    Is this the best promotional tool...ever?

    29 May 10
    It’s a customer-satisfying, employee-motivating, and PR-generating machine called Twelpforce that has set a new standard for marketing as a service...

  • BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference Programme

    Breakthrough10-sponsor-sqYour new decade agenda:

    Provide personalised
    productivity services!

    Thursday 27 May 2010 at Kempton Park
    Conference Centre, Sunbury on Thames

    Full Speaker Programme:
    Timings, Topics and Bios

  • About Us

    Frost-Peter-2013-montagePeter Frost - CEO,
    Chief Marketeer

    Peter Frostis a growth champion specialising in leadership and marketing services for the independent reseller channel. Peter’s 40years in the industry include 18 years with Spicers Europe’s leading the office products wholesaler. In the 80’s he led their rapid growth to become the UK’s #1 business supplies wholesaler.

    In 1990 Peter founded the UK's first marketing group OfficeSMART which was highly commended for its vision, creativity, innovative marketing and training support. Sales in 1990 were £50m ($60m) growing rapidly to £200m ($250m) in 2002. OfficeSMART’s reputation extended outside the industry with 6 successive years as winners of the prestigious Catalog Age ‘International Business to Business’ Award.

    In 2003 Peter founded Proficiency Group- a digital marketing and leadership services company. The group organised the annual Rethink Pinkmarketing to women and BREAKTHROUGH marketing to the office conferences. Peter is an inspirational speaker on sales, marketing and leadership trends. In recent years, he has presented at most progressive wholesalers, groups and reseller conferences.

    Proficiency Group publishes Proficiency Post, first for breaking news analysis and opinion on the broadline Business Supply Market. Proficiency Index reports research studies, trends analysis and champions best practice in digital marketing, sales, distribution and CRM systems 

    Peter may be contacted on +1 857 208 3100 (US)or +44 7470 239247 (UK).
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Screen Shot 2023 03 06 at 4.00.02 PMDavid Wickstead, Design & Technology  
    Designs and manages the Proficiency Post website since 2008. David deals with all graphic design, technical matters and administration of subscriptions.

    David provided full design support for all the award winning marketing and catalog programs of OfficeSMART from 1993 through 1999.  

    David may be contacted at +44 7717 567560. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Lucy Jermyn, 
    News Reporter

    Lucy (pic right) worked as a news reporter part time from 2008 through 2014.  Lucy joined PP in April 2015 to manage all news in the technology, FM/ breakroom, hygiene, ergonomics and food services in UK/European market. 

    Lucy won radio broadcaster of the year for Radio Aire in 2013. News reporter at ITV Anglia, and formerly ITV Jersey and Guernsey

    Lucy conducts regular interviews with business supply market leaders, conferences & events in UK/Europe


  • 21st Century Woman: Smart brand advocates

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    21st_century_woman21st Century Woman

    Smart brand

    The young ‘less-quantity-
    more-quality’ generation


    18 May 10
    The findings of a recent report, entitled '21st Century Woman' and published in Glamour magazine, suggest that the aspirations and media consumption habits of young women in the UK have changed dramatically since 2006. Please pay attention to these trends which typify discretionary office spending decisions...

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  • Mismarketing Max overrated?

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    Max overrated?

    Share price up 30%
    this year...why?


    10 May 10
    We continue to be amazed at the stockmarket’s high rating of OfficeMax this year...up 30% (50% at one stage) to a market capitalisation of $1.4Bn....

  • Staples eco challenge

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    staples_eco_easyStaples eco

    Green office makeover
    prize for entrepreneurs


    By Lucy Jermyn, PP EcoWatch

    8 May 10
    Demonstrating its commitment to the environment, Staples, is working with Entrepreneur.com to launch a program to help SMB’s  become more eco-responsible....

  • Beyond the paperclip towards business services

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    The Office Productivity

    Marketplace Revolution

    Beyond the

    Towards business services. 
    The 10X transformation

    6 May 10 (Updated and complete)

    What other traditional, cottage industry has grown from a $40Bn trade (at today’s values) to a $400Bn marketplace in the space of 30 years?

    Learn more from the leaders of this transformation at the BREAKTHROUGH (click here) and read more about this remarkable revolution here now.... 

  • The smart consumer

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    The smart

    Conventional ‘buy-cheap’
    wisdom is mostly bunkum


    4 May 10
    The conventional wisdom about consumers and recessions goes something like this: when the economy stinks,people trade down...

  • Get fit for business

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    Cut fat...cut costs...
    cut carbon.

    Get fit for

    Office makers take healthy
    route to gain productivity

    4 May 10

    US Companies including leading OP businesses, are targeting employee fitness to contain health-care costs, creating individualized plans using wearable technology and websites...

  • Q1'10 Results: Independents beat bigboxes

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    Q1’10 Results Review


    beat bigboxes

    Manufacturers and wholesalers 

    report strong sales recovery


    3 May’10

    The recession is over....business investment is back... small businesses are investing in office productivity tools...there’s a positive mood in the market place and consumers are spending again. The last 2 weeks has been manic in terms of Q1’10 results analysis. We bring you up to date with the leaders, laggards, movers and shakers...

  • WHSmith: Bestseller or bookstalled

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    Interview WHSmith CEO

    Bestseller or

    Time for a makeover 

    after Swannsong

    2 May 10
    The Sunday Times interviewed Kate Swann the CEO of WHSmith , the UK’s leading high Street stationer, news and bookseller today. We don’t understand why Swann is held in such awe, given that in 7 years  WHS have failed to reach profit levels of 2002 and zero growth has been achieved...

  • Best Buy hits Britain

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    best-buy-grand-openingBest Buy

    hits Britain

    Edutainment electronics
    experience to excel


    1 May 10
    A retail park in Essex is the unlikely scene for a shopping revolution, but that’s exactly what Best Buy is hoping to achieve with the opening of its first UK store near Thurrock today...

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