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  • 3M magic returns

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    buckley_George_3MMMMagic returns

    The mini innovations that
    matter to mighty 3M


    24 Sep 10
    3M is everywhere. That's the point George Buckley, CEO of 3M, is trying to make as he talks about his favorite subject, inventing things. Last year, he says, "even in the worst economic times in memory, we released over 1,000 new products."

  • Proficiency Profile - Wist drive in Arizona

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    Wist_truckProficiency Profile

    Wist drive in Arizona

    Brothers committed to high touch services in the local community


    23 Sep 10

    Wist Office Products Companyof Tempe, near Phoenix, is #1 in Arizona in size and customer service with all the high class attributes to dominate the marketplace.

  • City of Hope dinner preview - David Williamson, MWV

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    williamson-david-mwvSpirit of Life Gala preview

    Hope springs
    e t e r n a l…

    2010 honoree David Williamson on target with fund raising campaign


    21 Sep 10

    This Thursday, 23 September the great and the good in the international OP industry will honor David Williamson, EVP of MWVproducts group, with City of Hope’s TheSpirit of Life® Award...

  • First marketing plan for small resellers - case study

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    Customer-EngagementLargeBest Practice Case Study

    Marketing plan for small dealers

    One thing more important than sales... personalized marketing


    By Lucy Jermyn
    20 Sep 10

    Smaller companies sometimes focus more on sales than marketing. This can work up to a point, but sooner or later, a well-planned marketing strategy needs to be in place, even if you’re building it from scratch.

  • The myths of market share

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    marketing-mythsProficiency Index Trendwatch

    The myths of

    market share

    Beware narrow definitions in

    new business supply market

    20 Sep 10
     In recent quarters, a number of underperforming public companies have made unspecified claims about winning market share. Closer inspection of course showed misunderstandings and little foundation for the loose rhetoric.
  • California: let me warn ya about Office Depot

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    California, let
    me warn ya...

    Depot contract award shows
    Community Colleges must learn

    19 Sep 10
    TheFoundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) has renewed its contract with Office Depot in spite of well publicized fraudulent overcharging of state departments and over $10M in settlements…

  • Office Depot cheats charities now

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    Breaking News

    Depot cheat
    charities now

    Florida nonprofits overcharged by $1m, include children and churches


    19 Sep 10
    Naples Daily
    today reports more damning details of Office Depot’s fraudulent overcharging in Florida. This is bound to cause widespread outrage…

  • Bigboxes rob small resellers

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    Bigboxes rob
    small resellers

    Depot allowed SMB status by poor policing of government contracts

    By Fred Lucas, CNS News
    18 Sep 10
    The Small Business Set-Aside Program (SBSA) is intended to help small businesses get a certain % of government contracts, but for nearly a decade, the federal government has included bigbox players…
  • Open up webstores to Facebook/Twitter

    twitter-marketing-promotion1Open webstores 
    to Twitter and Facebook

    Measure user likeabilty and engagement


    By Lucy Jermyn
    15 Sep 10

    Brands i.e. resellers and manufacturers, wishing to take their social media strategies a stage further must tailor their approach towards hardcore advocates - and make sure webstores are open and easier to reach

  • Best Buy Financial Review - Q2'11

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    best-buy-launchBest Buy set to win in connected world

    Smart-phone margins boosted by added services

    14 Sep10
    Best Buy
    the leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported impressive earnings growth in its fiscal Q2’10 results ended 28 Aug’10. The management teams talks confidently about its pivotal plans...

  • ODgate Scandal - When will Florida fraud fully unfold?

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    ODgate Scandal Latest

    When will Florida
    fraud fully unfold?

    Will new Governor dismantle DMS, dismiss Depot and set higher ethical standards?


    Report by Stephanie Maier
    Pajamas Media correspondent
    14 Sep 10

    The Florida race for governor between millionaire Rick Scott(Republican) and state CFO Alex Sink(Democrat) has a $30 million dollar pink elephant in the room…

  • Spin Doctor Depot

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    Spin Doctor Depot

    We-green, lie-green, wash-green


    11 Sep 10
    A number of regular readers have challenged the integrity of the 2010 Corporate Citizenship Reportissued by Office Depot, describing the environmental claims as ‘greenwash’ and disingenuous.

  • OP's Top 10 Webstores

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    web_unlocked_happy_ladyProficiency Index
    Webwatch Surveys

    OP’s Top 10
    W e b s t o r e s

    Independents’ extremes...
    the best and worst practices.


    10 Sep 10
    The Proficiency Indexweb design has now reviewed 40 of the best webstores in the OP world. The comprehensive surveys cover 10 marketability factors from a user chooser’s viewpoint. We now highlight the Top 10 performers, which amazingly just excludes the iconic Amazon, andOffice Depot... 

  • Depot citizenship report a sham

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    Depot citizenship

    report “a sham”

    More tailspinning tales of

    trivia and pseudo-ethics

    9 Sep 10
    Office Depot the desperately-seeking-solace and beleaguered #2 global reseller today announced the release of its 2010 Corporate Citizenship Report. 

    You couldn't make this stuff up...
  • Wonder of Webstores - Survey #4

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    Proficiency Index Innovative_webstore__jennifer_smith
    WebWatch Survey #4

    The Wonder
    of Webstores

    Top 2 rated 70%+...but user experience still not great


    8 Sep 10 (Completed with pix)
    The Proficiency Index team can now bring you Survey #4 results  of the highly popular and controversial review of top US resellers’ webstores.

  • Disbelief in Detroit's Depot decision

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    Disbelief in Detroit's Depot decision

    Chamber renews $5M contract despite schools scandal.


    8 Sep 10

    Office Depotyesterday announced it had been awarded the Detroit Regional Chamberoffice supply contract. What is going on?



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