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  • Proficiency Profile - Supreme BASICS

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    Mikuliak-Brian--SupremeProficiency Profile

    A Love Supreme

    BASICS #1 reseller extends
    lead with Toronto acquisition


    31 Mar 11

    Supreme BASICS,Canada’s leading OP reseller announced in January the acquisition of a fellow member of the BASICSdealer group. We caught up with  corporate marketing manager Brennan Thomsonin Vancouver in early March to discuss progress and plans

  • ECi accelerate marketing services

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    Proficiency Profile

    ECi accelerate
    marketing services

    BREAKTHROUGH launch of new
    OPS reseller software solutions


    31 Mar 11 (Complete)

    The industry's #1 software house ECi Solutions CEO, Ron Books(pic left)and COO Trevor Gruenewald, will be presenting at the BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference on 20 April’10 at Kempton Park, near London (UK). We caught up with Trevor to get his update on recent acquisition FMAuditand the strategic plans to inspire dealer development.

  • Breakthrough'11 - Local Hotels

    Marketing Conference

    Nearby Hotels


    27 March 11 (Updated)

    Here is a selection of local hotels within easy distance of Kempton Park, Sunbury on Thames, the venue of the BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference.on Wednesday 20th April 2011.


    Arrivals and coffee from 0830; conference starts at 0900 through to 1610 including buffet lunch between 1230 and 1330.

  • Office Depot's spin doctor disaster

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    ODGate - Special Report

    Depot’s spin
    doctor disaster

    Palm Beach Post steadfast in
    face of legal intimidation


    26 Mar’11

    Proficiency Post first broke the story that Office Depot’s legal and communications department pressured the Palm Beach Post to withdraw an editorial critical of the company published on March 18th and withdrawn on March 19th.

  • Office hoarders know no borders

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    disorganised_businesswomanOffice hoarders:

    know no borders

    Chronically disorganized offices a high performance workplace dream



    By Lucy Jermyn,

    25 Mar’11

    When pens, Post-it Notes, staplers, tape, batteries, cleaning kits and tissues go missing, an office hoarder may be active in your office. Take the 6 point test to check your 'hoardability'...

  • How now VOW?

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    vow-baldrey-sunriseHow now V O W?

    New Vasanta chief ready to roll


    25 Mar’11

    Ex-SpicersFD Robert Baldrey has been in place as Vasanta Group’sCEO for 10 months now. We called to get an update on his progress of wholesaling, contract supply and the etail divisions.

  • Best Buy Q4'11 Financial Review

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    bestbuy_storeBest Buy: not
    best performance

    Weak TV demand cushioned

    by strong smart phones/tablets


    24 Mar’11

    Best Buy, the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported disappointing sales and profits in Q4’11 ended 26 Feb’11.

  • Commercial Sets Record

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    commercial-_arthur-simoneClimate Week UK

    Sets Record

    OPS’ top carbon cutter
    announces 5th CSR Day


    22 Mar’10 (Complete)
    This week is Climate Week in the UK, appealing to businesses to ‘grasp the green future’. Commercial Group is the OPS’ green leader in the UK. We spoke to CEO Arthur Hindmarch and green champion Simon Graham (pic below)about progress and plans.

  • Proficiency Index - User Research - Mind the G A P

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    beyond-the-buyer_1Proficiency Index – User Research

    Mind the G A P !

    Are Amazon and Staples closer to user choosers than local dealers?


    22 Mar’11 (Complete)

    Personal local service is the recognized strength of dealers. Dealers generally focus on buyers of stationery and IT consumables or 40% of potential spend. Very few go beyond the buyer to the more valuable decision makers. Amazon do!

  • Hall of Shame

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    hall-of-shameProficiency Index

    Hall of Shame

    10 companies/characters
    that have negatively impacted
    the OPS marketplace


    20 Mar'11 (Completed)

    The greater Office Productivity Services (OPS) marketplace is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world. Most players are positive, but is worth reflecting on some of the negative forces that divert market focus.

  • Independents are go! Double-digit dynamos

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    D y n a m o s

    Independents are go!
    20 resellers to watch in 2011


    16 Mar 11 (Completed 1800ET))

    We ahave just completed a 12 city tour of US/Canada, meeting 100+ independent resellers. We highlight and profile 20 who will achieve double-digit sales growth in 2010/11

  • Top 10 Innovators

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    innovation-symbolsProficiency Index Poll

    Top 10 Innovators

    Leading manufacturer, wholesaler and reseller nominations. Results ready

    15 Mar’11

    Contrary to popular belief we think the fast growing Office Productivity Services market is a hotbed of innovation whether it be manufacturers like Apple, Logitech or Safco; wholesalers like Ingram Microand United; or service providers like Shoplet, HiTouch, Staples or Commercial Group.
    We report readers nominations and the % ratings



  • Reseller Renegades

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    renegade-leadersThe OPS market’s Top 10

    R e s e l l e r


    Blazing a trail to deeper

    customer relationships


    12 Mar 11

    What comes to mind when you hear the term “renegade?” Do you think rule-breaker or ground-breaker. We believe renegades have a positive impact on business development culture. We consider global examples and our nominations for the top 5 past and present within the OPS market.

  • Deceitful Depot settles for $4.25m

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    Deceitful Depot
    settles for $4.25m

    Frequent fraudsters feed false
    information again in San Francisco


    11 Mar 11

    San Francisco's mayor says the city has reached a $4.25 million settlement with Office Depot over allegations that the company overcharged for office supplies.

  • Office Depot cheats Chicago children

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    ODgate Scandal –
    Exclusive Breaking News

    Depot cheats on
    Chicago children

    Whistleblower reckons fraudulent
    overcharges could be $5million+


    5 Mar’11

    Whistle-blower David Sherwin states that the Chicago Public Schoolsystem could have been over charged by as much as $5 million by Office Depot.

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