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  • MPS success for United resellers

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    Southwest-MPS-montageProficiency Profile

    MPS success for
    United resellers

    OP+ and Southwest demo how
    sales skill, not size is everything


    25 Sep’11 (Updated)

    Managed Print Services (MPS)is a hot topic right now, but very few traditional OP dealers have achieved conversion success. United’s HQueue service has gone back to basics with powerful results….tomorrow

  • Dallas does Depot

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    D a l l a s
    does Depot

    Is US Communities still colluding
    to cover up past overcharging?


    25 Sep’11

    Office Depot, the battered and beleaguered bigbox, will be hit with more bad news on Tuesday when Dallas Countydumps its supplies  contract…

  • The 9 passions of 3M's Porcini

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    porcini-mauro-3MProficiency Profile

    9 Passions of Porcini

    3M’s design chief’s
    elegant office designs


    19 Sep’11 (Updated)

    The excellent Fast Companymagazine features the 9 passions of its design guru Mauro Porcini. We highlight the most elegant designs …

  • ODgate Scandal: Depot's denials dismantled

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    ODGate Scandal: Breaking News

    Depot’s denials
    d i s m a n t l e d

    Fraudulent overcharging process

    upheld by new audit findings


    15 Sep’11

    Whistleblower David Sherwinclaims that new revelations in Dallas and Detroit have upheld the findings against Office Depotin April 2010 by Jim Barnes and the Hillsborough County (FL) audit staff.

  • Best Buy Q2'12 Financial Review

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    best_buy-BrowseIs this Amazon's

    new showroom?

    Flat sales and declining profits at Best Buy fail to dim 'connected-world' vision. Time to get real!


    14 Sep’11 (Updated)
    Best Buy,
    the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported another disappointing set of results in Q2’12 ended 27 Aug’11

  • Bigbox Webwatch 2011 - Massmarketers mobilised

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    amazon-mob-webProficiency Index
    Bigbox Webwatch 2011

    m o b i l i z e d !

    How they compare with OP
    bigboxes and indies’ best?


    14 Sep’11 (Updated)
    Sorry, it was worthy waiting for! Today we publish a full comparative review of massmarketers’ webstore user-friendliness. From Amazon to Staples; Depot to Target; Costco to Tesco; Best Buy to Wal-Mart; Max to Sainsbury’s.

  • Will OPI dishonour Depot's dirty deeds?

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    Will OPI dishonour

    Depot’s dirty deeds?

    Griffin calls for recognition of

    Whistleblower Sherwin’s zeal


    6 Sep’11

    Diane Griffin,ownerof Radstons Office Supply(Hercules, CA) has emailed OPIcalling them to demonstrate journalistic courage and balance its unhealthy bias towards fraudsters Office Depot.Here are the full details...

  • Depot does Detroit for $5.2m

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    Breaking News
    ODGate Scandal

    Now, Depot does
    Detroit for $5.2m

    Inspector reports public schools
    district fraudulently overcharged


    1 Sep’11

    Office Depot, the deeply troubled #2 global office reseller, continued to be riddled with allegations of systematic and fraudulent overcharging of state and local government departments. Last week it was, Dallas, this week its Detroit…next week Denver?

  • Proficiency Profile - The Office Environment Company

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    oec-space-planning-design-cropProficiency Profile

    The Office

    OEC’s leadership in low-cost,
    low-carbon, local communities


    1 Sep'11 (Updated)

    It’s rare to see genuine commitment to local community care…to real green processes, not just products; to cutting clients costs. Louisville’s Office Environment Company (OEC) has been committed since 1907. We discuss its success with president Tricia Burke




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