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  • Proficiency Profile: United's VP sales Harry Dochelli

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    united-vision12-dochelliProficiency Profile

    Dochelli’s doctrine

    United sales chief details drive to
    engage dealers’ user obsession


    22 Nov’12 (Complete)

    United Stationers’ Vision 2012conference was one of its best! It was fast paced and super-relevant with excellent speakers from inside and outside the company. We met with new sales chief Harry Dochelliafter his debut presentation about activating dealers’ user-obsession…


  • Will whistleblower bankrupt Office Depot?

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    Will whistleblower
    bankrupt Depot?

    Special investigative analysis
    by the Proficiency Post team


    21 Nov’12

    Proficiency Post (PP) has spent several weeks analyzing the lawsuit filed by whistleblower David Sherwin and approximately 40 other California government entities…

  • ODGate Scandal - Fired for exposing $M fraud

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    ODGate Scandal Latest News

    Fired for exposing
    Depot’s $M fraud

    City of Portland safety director
    files whistleblower complaint


    20 Nov’12

    Lisa Vasquezstates she alerted the City that Office Depot had overcharged them hundreds of thousands of dollars in a $6M office supply contract. Depot of course are in denial about the problem...

  • Best Buy Q3'13 Financial Review

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    B e s t  B u y
    browsed n' beaten

    by Amazon

    Renew Blue teamhasmountain

    to climb to reverse tailspin


    20 Nov’12
    Best Buy,
    the US #1 consumer electronics retailer, continued its depressing decline in financial results for Q3’13 to 3 Nov’12. It needs to be more realistic about its market share and poor webstore presence...

  • How to drive eco productivity

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    Greenest-list-2012How to drive

    Green your business processes
    to boost sustainable profitability


    11 Nov’12

    Entrepreneurmagazine’sMichelle Goodman recently published a great article on how to make the sustainability changes that will provide the greatest return on investment for your company. We highlight 6 similarly committed OPS reseller stars…

  • BREAKTHROUGH'13 - Disconnected dealers! Put mobile first


    Disconnected dealers alert!

    Put mobile first!

    “Sally won’t buy via mobile”
    Yes, but Lucy will and wants to.
    Women in business love Amazon.


    11 Nov’12

    Confusion over buyer and user definitions is rife. Dealers only reach the diminished buyer Sally Saver. Lucy, the most valuable user-chooser is unknown to dealers and wants to ‘browse n’ buy’ via mobile. M-commerce expert James Pimentel-Pinto will speak at BREAKTHROUGHconference on how you can get started…

  • Whistleblower sues Office Depot

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    sues Depot…

    Multiple, multistate $M claims

    in systematic overcharging scam


    4 Nov’12

    Office Depot whistleblower David Sherwin is suing his former employer under the False Claims Act for fraudulent systematic overcharging of government agencies…

  • Proficiency Post - Hummel's OP

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    Proficiency Profile

    Hummel’s head
    for the heights

    New IS Group chairman
    lays out 5 year growth plan


    1 Nov’12

    We discuss with gentle giant Harrison Hummel,chief operating officer of Hummel’s Office Plus,based in Mohawk (NY) new developments at Hummel’s and marketing group Independent Stationers.Profile tomorrow, sorry

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