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  • Proficiency Profile - Steelcase's Donna Flynn, Workspace Futures

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    steelcase-future-focusedProficiency Profile

    Designing offices
    to inspire harmony

    Steelcase’s WorkspaceFutures'

    Donna Flynn on collaboration


    30 Apr’13
    Human nature changes slowly, but the way we work and the idea of the ‘office’, changes fast. Here’s how to harness those opposing forces for a happier workforce…

  • Proficiency Profile: Blaisdell's

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    witt-margee-blaisdellsProficiency Profile

    Blazing a trail
    to $20m by 2020

    Blaisdell’s: A family business
    fired up and ready to roll


    29 Apr’13 (Updated)
    Last Monday we visited the offices of stockless San Leandro reseller Blaisdell’s. Under magnetic Margee Witt’s leadership the company has grown 20% in the last year and well on its way to reaching $20m in sales by 2020. Tomorrow

  • Acme United Q1'13 Financial Review

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    Westcott--scissorsAcme’s sharp
    growth blunted

    European customer bankruptcy
    drags down strong US gains


    20 Apr’13
    Acme United yesterday announced impressive results for Q1’13 financial results to 31 Mar’13

  • IS Group's furniture drive

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    furniture drive

    US economic recovery fuels

    the office renewal process


    10 Apr'13 (Updated)

    The industry wide revival has been driven by innovation and productivity. The Post-OP era is nigh, but opportunities have emerged in refreshments, hygiene and ergonomic workspaces. We spoke with IS Group’sSVP Charles Forman about its refreshed furniture offering...completed by Friday

  • VOW overtakes Spicers as UK#1 OP wholesaler

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    vow-baldrey-sunriseVOW overtakes

    Spicers as UK#1

    Higher service levels/services

    drive wholesaler market gains


    9 Apr’13 (Complete)

    UK wholesalers have been in high profile recently. Spicersfor 30 years, the #1 OP wholesaler has attracted criticism and suffered dealer losses over the last year which VOW has taken advantage of. We spoke to Vasanta Group (VOW’s parent) CEO Robert Baldrey…

  • Office Friendly's market moves

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    harrop-steve-ofdaUser Friendly
    market moves

    OFDA group leader’s plans
    to drive sustainability agenda

9 Apri'13 (Complete)
    Office Friendly, is the UK’s most enterprising dealer group, with a spirit and determination to create a truly marketing driven agenda for its members. We spoke to dynamic leader Steve Harrop about his plans and key differentials...

  • Copycat Samsung stores in Best Buy

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    samsung-experienceSamsung stat

    stores in Best Buy

    Encouraging trials in Dallas,

    Chicago and Minneapolis


    4 Apr’13

    Samsung is partnering with Best Buy and will open 1,400 ‘Experience’shops within the retailer’s existing stores.

  • Sustainability Superstars 2013

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    It’s Earth Day on 22 April. We 

    highlight the industry’s greenest


    2 Apr'13 (Complete)

    To commemorate Earth Day on 22 April many leading business magazines are profiling sustainability shakers and movers from the corporate world. We have reviewed and included the bigbox and major etailers too.  We profile the 12 superstars of sustainability in the OPS marketplace...profiles later today 

  • Office Megatrends 2013; Market Review 2012

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    M-Power personal productivity services

    The 6 Pack agenda to mobilise

    success in the paperless future


    2 Apr’13

    The launch of the Apple IPadwas the death knell for PC’s, printer paper and ink. Independent resellers in partnership with wholesalers are winning, but face a formidable opponent in Amazon in business supplies. The need to develop personal productivity services to differentiate themselves is URGENT. Read the latest Office Megatrends 2013 and Market Review 2012 here...FREE to subscribers

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