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  • Dave Lewis lands in to turnaround Tesco

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    lewis-dave-tesco-parachuteLewis lands in to turnaround Tesco

    Amazon, Waitrose, Aldi/Lidl's pincer move squeezes tired titan

    31 Aug’14

    Few would associate London’s Victoria and Albert Museum with Lidl — which is precisely why the German supermarket chain chose to throw a lavish dinner there last week. It seems all home and office resellers are relishing the toils and troubles of Tescotoday...

  • Office Depot/Max retain Corporate United buying group contract

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    calkins-steve-depotMax retains

    buying group

    Corporate United continues

    long term office supply contract


    31 Aug’14

    Corporate United, the 240 member purchasing group has decided to renew its £100m office supply contract with Office Max (Depot)...

  • GoPro to capture top camera action

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    GoPro-dogGoPro to capture #1 camera action

    User versatility boosted by ads showing ‘dogs point of view’

    31 Aug’14

    GoPro, maker of the world's most versatile cameras, recently announced financial results for Q2’14. Many are predicting that its cameras will be the hottest seller in the upcoming holiday season…

  • Bounce back to School & Business

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    staples-back-to-school-storeBounce Back to

    School & Business

    Economy and optimism returns

    to fuel increased retail spending


    30 Aug’14

    Analysts predict back-to-school spending will reach $74.9 billion as retailers intensify promotional discounts and incentives to drive destination shopping

  • Fancy stationery, fashion or fad?

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    burch-chris-poppinFancy stationery,

    fashion or fad?

    Evernote follows Poppin into

    colorful designer office desktops


    28 Aug’14

    We love colourful OP products, but in the age of mobility and multiple workplaces seriously question the growth opportunities for fancy desktop stationery. Evernote, Poppin and Moleskinedisagree…

  • PC's renewal temporary respite

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    Cafe-PC-workingPC’s renewal

    temp respite?

    ‘PC’s to do, tablets to view’

    maxim drives business demand


    28 Aug’14

    An uptick in commercial demand has prompted IDC to improve PC forecast plus, the upcoming Windows 9release could further lift the market

  • Microsoft slashes Surface prices

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    microsoft-surface-wounds-bloodyMicrosoft slashes

    Surface prices...

    Desperate discounts for students

    and for dealers bulk purchases


    28 Aug’14

    Old habits die-hard. Microsoft drastically cut prices early on its original Surface tablet and has quickly done so again for its much-hyped new versions. Should it abandon hardware and focus on business software?

  • office2office - Banner Half Year'14 - Financial Review

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    o2o-montageBanner inks demand drop

    Managed services progress offset by losses to OEM MPS

    28 Aug’14

    Today, office2office (aka Banner), the UK’s leading business services group, published half-year results to 30 Jun’14. We spoke with CEO Simon Moate...

  • Alibaba dragon rising rapidly

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    Alibaba-DragonAlibaba: dragon rising rapidly...

    Amazon’s new monster rival mobilizes mighty growth engine

    27 Aug’14

    Alibaba Group,ahead of its IPO w/c 8 Sep, reported a surge in revenue and earnings for its latest quarter, driven in part by increased activity on mobile devices, though its profit margin narrowed. The etail war with Amazon is set to escalate...

  • Contemptuous consolidation

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    vulture-capitalists-cropContemptuous Consolidation

    VC's PR fails to convince dealers, given huge growth opportunities in strong business supplies market

    27 Aug’14 (Complete)

    The puppet press has been getting views on the big UK dual-distribution deals involving Spicers & VOW, Typically: ‘Inevitable given industry contraction, to reduce cost duplication etc.” Did VC's consult the wholesalers' progressive resellers? Have VC's considered the broken trust and conflict issues? Costs are driven down by expansion of order size, not synergy savings…

  • The 'I Want it NOW' Economy

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    want it now economyThe ‘I Want it NOW’ economy

    Same day delivery imperative driven by WB, Amazon, Google

    27 Aug’14 (Complete)

    On 11 Aug, we wrote an article on ‘Blood plasma or office supplies’. Since the Amazonhas expanded its same day delivery service to follow WBMason's initiative. Now Google Express, Walmartand Costcoare following too...

  • TechData Q2'15 Financial review

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    Techdata-montage-2013T e c h  D a t a back on track

    Strong momentum across US & Europe markets, spiked by PC demand post XP withdrawal

    26 Aug’14

    Tech Data Corporation, the global #2 wholesaler of technology products, reported strong Q2’15 results to 31 Jul’14

  • Pinterest follows analytics trend

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    open-office-workingPinterest follows analytics trend

    Office interiors specialist adopt galleries to showcase workspace

    26 Aug’14

    The image-focused social network rolled out a series of analytic tools that aim to help marketers understand what paid and organic images its users respond to. Instagramlaunched a similar ser of tools last week...

  • HP decides to sue Deloitte over Autonomy

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    whitman-meg-hp-handHP decides to sue Deloitte

    Autonomy auditors: "claim is utterly without merit”? Is HP really covering incompetence?

    26 Aug’14

    HP is planning to sue leading audit form Deloitte over its role in the obscene overpayment for the UK software house Autonomyacquisition. HP’s $5bn write-down surely indicates its due diligence failed and tends to reinforce the seller’s view, that it is trying to bury the truth?

  • Best Buy Q2'15 Financial Review

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    Best-Buy-montage-2013Best Buy beaten

    back by Amazon

    Deluded on market share trends.

    Renew Blue cost cuts slowdown.


    26 Aug’14 (Complete)

    Best Buy, the US #1 consumer electronics retailer, disappointed again in Q2’15 ended 3 Aug’14. In spite of analysts brouhaha, it’s well behind in online growth rates, still boasting market share gains and only marginally profitable through cost reductions. Moreover, its complacent outlook continued to depress...

  • Bunzl H1 2014 Financial Review

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    bunzl-fleetBunzl: bundling

    along nicely...

    4 UK acquisitions in healthcare,

    FM, hygiene & safety supplies


    26 Aug’14

    Bunzl,the international distribution and outsourcing group, reported strong results for half Year ended 30 Jun’14

  • EPIC 2014 Conference Preview

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    EPiC-conference-montage-2014EPIC: Elevating

    new partnerships

    Huge opportunities for growth in

    new categories & productivity

    services that build loyalty


    26 Aug’14 (Complete)

    Mike Gentile, CEO of Independent Stationers Group has published a video urging members to attend next months EPIC 2014 joint convention with the TriMega Purchasing Association 17-19 Sept in Hollywood, Florida. We spoke with Mike and Mike Maggio of TriMega last week

  • HP: Judge rules against Autonomy case

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    HP-whitman-lynchHP: Judge rules v Autonomy case

    Shareholders’ action v HP exec thwarted. CFO Hussain: “$5Bn write-down, easy smoke screen”

    25 Aug’14

    A US judge cast doubt today over a proposed agreement struck between Hewlett Packard and its plaintiff shareholders to settle a lawsuit over the computing giant’s botched acquisition of Autonomy

  • Bigbox retail agility angst v Amazonification

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    stemberg-tom-cnbcBigbox retail agility angst

    Ex-Staples chief Stemberg’s empathy w/Amazonification

    25 Aug’14 (Complete)

    Tom Stemberg, the Staples founder is now a regular contributor to CNBC’s Squawk Box. This morning he described the difficulties faced by bigbox retailers faced with the threat of the fast growing entrepreneurial generation...

  • Flex-time faces fences in fast forward drive

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    Flex-time-nestFlex-time faces fences in fast forward drive

    Home working boosts personal productivity, but stresses ahead

    25 Aug’14

    In yesterday’s NY Times Phyllis Korkki wrote a fascinating piece on the future of work and the stresses and strains experienced in balancing personal life schedules

  • Beats Bang Bang at Video Music Awards

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    Beats-JessieJ-pinkBeats’ Bang Bang at VMA

    Apple’s marketing coup with JessieJ, Minaj & Ariana Grande

    25 Aug’14

    British artists featured strongly at the Video Music Awards last night. Both leading headset makers Beats by DrDre and Bosewith Rory McIlroy and NFL have stepped up their ad activity…

  • Apple iPhone 6 countdown...

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    iphone-6-concept-whiteApple iPhone 6 countdown…

    Jobs’ iPhad vision just 2 weeks away. Spec details revealed

    25 Aug’14

    Two weeks. That’s how long we have left until Apple expected to officially announce the iPhone 6 on 9 September. But until then the leaks keep coming...

  • ISSA: clean way way to clean offices

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    trombetta-anthony-issaISSA: clean way to lean offices

    Trombetta tells how commitment to hygiene services can convert commodity dealers’ dire destiny

    25 Aug’14

    ISSA,the worldwide cleaning organization is partnering with US leading buying group TriMega. It’s sales chief Anthony Trombetta will be speaking at the EPIC conference in Florida next month. We spoke with Anthony today to discuss dealer opportunities and plans...tomorrow, sorry

  • Marketing to Millennials

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    listening-gen-Y-peopleMarketing to Millennials

    Is Gen X/Y gabfest genuine or garbage? Are differences about age, attitude or what?

    23 Aug’14

    Interesting article in NY Times yesterday about 'Marketers sizing up the Millennials’ (14 to 32 year olds). It’s a big and growing market, but is it really that different?

  • Amazon advances ads v Google

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    bezos-page-zuck-warsAmazon gears up ads v Google

    Knowledge of buying patterns provides personalised edge

    23 Aug’14

    Amazon is gearing up to more directly challenge Google's dominance of the online advertising market, by placing ads that leverage its knowledge of millions of Web shoppers.

  • Keurig and Kraft brand partnership

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    keurig-kraftKeurig kisses up with Kraft brands

    Coffee king increases single serve market dominance

    22 Aug’14

    Keurig Green Mountainshares got a 13% jolt today, jumping to $133.36 on news of a distribution partnership with Kraft Foodsand the launch of a new coffee maker that can brew up more than its K-Cup single-serve portions.

  • Staples meltdown misrepresented by analysts

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    sargent-grasp-nettle-and-MsStaples meltdown misrepresented?

    Ignorant analysts ignore leader’s business supplies transformation from paperless market demand

    22 Aug’14

    Once a stockmarket darling, Staples is coming under increasing fire from analysts critical of management’s performance and its future prospects beyond office supplies…

  • Keurig K-Cup: new 2.0 coffee brewer

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    kelley-brian-keurig-2.0Keurig: Kingsize new coffeemaker

    Exciting K-Cup 2.0 brewer readied for launch Sunday

    22 Aug’14

    Keurig Green Mountainis rolling out a new version of its coffee brewer that so challenged its engineers that one used his children's Legos to solve a design problem...

  • Unified Communications growing strongly

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    headset-heads-up-montage-2013Unified Comms

    growing strongly

    Microsoft, the leader driving 

    collaborative office productivity


    22 Aug’14

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride; that has long seemed the unified communications (UC) market's fate, but new analyst figures suggest the tide might be turning for this technology.

  • AMAZONIFICATION - Robin Hood ranges against establishment

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    Rob Hood ranges v. establishment

    Bashing bigboxes, whacking wholesalers; inspiring indies 

    22 Aug’14 (Updated)

    Amazon is expected to overtake Staples as #1 business supplier in 2015. No matter how much we beat the drum, the majority don’t seem to get how deeply damaging, the beast has become, to traditional distribution channels. Report on today's visit to its new Seattle HQ over the weekend...

  • Jeff Whitewat appointed CEO of Spicers/Officeteam group

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    Whiteway-jeff-OT-missing-targetWhiteway White out!

    Better appoint toxic Officeteam leader; worse for Spicers' fans 

    22 Aug’14

    As we predicted on 25 July, Spicersowner Better Capital has chosen to appoint failed OfficeteamCEO Jeff Whiteway, to lead the wholesaler/contract stationer merger. The death-spiral accelerates as outraged dealers defect in droves…

  • 3D threat to Sealed Air?

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    sealed-air-bubblewrap3D threat to


    How will Sealed Air react

    to new low cost packaging


    21 Aug’14

    Bubble wrap's days may be numbered as innovative 3D maker create cheaper cushion alternative…

  • Wholesale disruption: Vasanta acquires office2office

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    baldrey-rob-sign-office2office2W h o L e S a L e

    D i S R u P T i o N!

    Venture capitalist powered VOW

    acquire UK#1 contract stationer


    21 Aug’14 (1400ET Complete)

    It’s been rumoured for months that UK #1 business services group office2office (aka Banner) was a merger play, but not by OP wholesaler VOW(parentVasanta). Now following the Spicers/OT merger comes channel chaos, an 'ice-bucket' challenge for independent dealers. You couldn't make this stuff up! Interviews, analysis and comment follows...

  • HP Q3 Financial Rreview

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    whitman-meg-HP-telescopeHP: Hedging or Hollow Promises?

    Analysts deluded by winsome Whitman’s innovation story?

    19 Aug’14

    Tomorrow HPis due to report Q3’14 earnings. Investment analysts seem positive about its prospects. We discuss their grounds for optimism and provide an alternative view…

  • Staples Q2'14 Financial Results Preview

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    sargent-staples-ship-steers-stormy-watersStaples to beat


    Alarmist Analysts don’t get its

    commercial business strength


    19 Aug’14

    Stapleswill report its Q2’14 financial results tomorrow morning. The stock is down 27% this year as analysts continue to treat it as a pure retailer when its core business is business supply

  • Productivity: Your main purpose

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    Productivity-to-lucy-2013Dealer alert!

    Productivity:  your main 
    p u r p o s e

    Office products increase costs. Time to market the savings sizzle


    19 Aug’14

    Marketing Profs contributor Art Saxby has just published a fascinating insight into purpose driven marketing. We’ve been banging on about ‘productivity’ as the purpose of OPS marketing and its great to get another positive view…

  • US Top 10 Coolest Cities

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    5-citiesUS Top Ten coolest cities

    Forbes lists best places to work, live and socialise

    18 Aug’14

    Forbescompiled its list of America's Coolest Cities, in partnership with Sperling's BestPlaces. It started with the 60 largest metros ranking them on six factors weighted equally.

  • Yahoo: Marissa Mayer's Milky Way out

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    mayer-marissa-milky-wayYahoo: Mayer’s Milky Way out

    Marissa’s obscene rewards for poor performance, spiked by huge stake in Alibaba's ascent


    18 Aug’14

    Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's CEO was granted a compensation package 2 years ago when she started, that will pay $250m+ if she stays for 2 more years and the current share price doesn’t go up another penny.

  • Amazon's drone delivery determination

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    amazon-bezos-drone-deliveryAmazon's drone determination...

    Seeking Federal approval for next-hour delivery in 2018

    18 Aug’14

    Amazonis going on the offensive as it seeks federal approval to test its planned Prime Air drone delivery system. Don't underestimate Jeff Bezos' determination to deliver "everything next hour"...

  • TriMega clean co-op with ISSA

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    maggio-mike-trimega-smileTriMega’s clean

    co-op with ISSA

    Maggio’s marketing initiatives

    drive group transformation


    18 Aug’14 (Complete & Updated)

    TriMega Purchasing Association announced recently an alliance with ISSA - The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. We spoke with CEO Mike Maggio about his progress and initiatives since he joined 9 months ago and ISSA's sales chief Anthony Trombetta...


  • Time to terminate trade ads & shows

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    SPR-ABC13-Expo-revFAME INDEX

    Time to terminate

    trade ads & shows

    Focus: user productivity, hygiene,

    refreshments, comfort & wellness

    17 Aug'14 (Complete)

    The trend towards less trade shows, organized by wholesalers, dealer groups and industry associations is welcome. Now is the time for brands to collaborate and create national and regional conventions for business users...

  • Ingram increases digital signage range

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    Ingram increases

    digital signage...

    Adds 4 new suppliers in rapid

    growth specialist category


    17 Aug’14

    Ingram Micro, the world’ #1 IT wholesaler, has boosted its digital signage range with the addition of ten new product lines to its portfolio fro 4 new suppliers

  • Bose headsets hook up with NFL

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    bose-bellichickBose headsets

    hook up with NFL

    Office market’s new staple turns

    up the volume after Apple Beats


    16 Aug’14

    Bose, a quality brand leader in the headset market, have displaced Motorolain an exclusive deal with the hugely valuable US National Football League. This a great bounce back after the disappointment of the Apple Beats merger…

  • Wayfair files for IPO

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    wayfair-shah-conine-chiefsWayfair: Winning

    its way to an IPO

    $1Bn Home Office etailer to raise

    $350m for $2Bn+ market cap


    16 Aug’14

    Wayfair, the rapidly growing home office furniture etailer, plans to raise $350m in an initial public offering, The big question is will Amazon make them an pre-offer they can’t refuse?

  • Walmart cuts waiting time with human checkouts

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    walmart-checkout-lineWilting Walmart

    cuts waiting time

    Human cashiers to return in

    a move to win back lost traffic


    16 Aug’14

    WalMart said it will reduce customers’ waiting time at checkout lines by staffing all its cash registers. The new chief Doug McMillon has moved rapidly to reverse customer unfriendly practices

  • Lenovo Q1'14 Financial Review

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    lenovo-yangLenovo levers

    & leans on HP

    Trumpets 20% PC market share

    + smartphone gains v Samsung


    15 Aug’14

    PC and smartphone maker Lenovo is making rapid progress in both the maturew PC and the burgeoning smartphone market…

  • Samsung: smart home office move

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    watkinson-alex-smart-thingsSamsung: smart

    home office move

    Follows Google and Apple

    again, into connected world


    15 Aug’14

    Samsung has just made a bold play to solidify its position in the rapidly growing smart home category. It continues to reinforce its copycat character...

  • Wayfair's new homey office

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    wayfair-cafeWayfair’s new

    homey office

    $1Bn+ home office etailer

    stretching out ahead of IPO


    15 Aug’14

    Wayfair,the fast growing home office furniture etailer, has just moved into its new offices in Copley Place, Boston. How close is the much touted IPO or will Amazon beat them to the punch?

  • Face Forward Space in Chicago

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    niemann-jenny-forward-spaceF a s t  Forward

    Space in Chicago

    Steelcase dealer acquired by

    ex-Red Thread Boston chief


    14 Aug’14

    Jenny Niemann last week acquired the assets of Office Concepts, a major Chicago area Steelcase dealer that has deep roots and even deeper connections in the city.

  • Facebook losing friends to Twitter

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    twitter-viewerFacebook losing

    friends to Twitter

    Leading brands exodus to #1

    permission marketing service


    14 Aug’14

    Red Bull, Heineken, Coca-Cola were among the first brands to realise the power of the Facebook Like. But these giants are now turning away from Facebook in favour of Twitter,the broadcasting service. Why?

  • Staples 110% Back to School price match

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    staples-school-supplyStaples' 110% Back to School price match

    Analyst reckons OP retailers desperate to beat Amazon

    14 Aug’14

    There’s been a fnumber of Seeking Analyst contributors stalking Staples’counter attacking activity against Amazon’s advance in business supplies. They misunderstand its specialist strengths and resourcefulness

  • Staples' FM supplies shift shadowed by United

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    Sargent-on-treasure-chestStaples’ FM shift;

    United shadows

    Negligent analyst warns investors

    unnecessarily over category lead


    14 Aug’14

    Seeking Alpha, the investment analysts’ service have been guilty of using some unconscious contributors of late, particularly v Staples. Still it makes for great debate…

  • WebWars: Amazon #1 threat? Alibaba or Walmart?

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    Amazon#1 threat?

    Alibaba v Walmart

    China’s #1 etailer w/big US IPO

    to invade business resellers turf 


    14 Aug’14 (Updated)

    Alibaba Group, the Chinese emassemarketer with $248Bn sales in China (3x Amazon) has launched a new webstore in the US. Will all of the competitive talk from Walmart, Costco and Best Buypale compared with this monster?

  • Staples extends ewaste recycling service

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    Electronics-recyclingStaples extends

    ewaste service

    Partners with ERI to enable 

    recycling of  tech hardware


    14 Aug’14

    Staples’business delivery division, today launched a technology recycling service, making it easy to recycle old electronics. This follows initiatives by many US and UK independents in recent years...

  • Walmart Q2'15 Financial Review

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    MacMillon-doug-walmart-sizingWalmart weak;

    work in progress

    US flat sales boosted by growth 

    in local stores & international


    14 Aug’14

    The world’s #1 retailer, Walmart (inc. Asda in the UK) continued its slower growth pattern in the US, in Q2’15 ended 31 Jul’14 with signs of life in online and Neighborhoodmarkets...

  • Westcoast's 30 years Anniversary Refresh

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    hemani-joe-westcoast-smileWestcoast’s anniversary refresh

    Offers ‘Hidden Treasures’ Vega trip as VAR growth incentive

    14 Aug’14

    Westcoast, the UK’s leading independent technology wholesaler celebrates 30 years in business this year with a corporate refresh and special dealer incentive

  • Beware of brand content boasts

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    man-blowing-trumpetBeware of

    brand boasts

    10 don’ts when creating

    content to attract customers

    & build long term loyalty


    14 Aug’14.

    Just like good or bad press, branded content can positively or negatively impact your company. The fundamental difference is you have much more control over the latter...please heed this advice

  • Amazon wages wallet warfare

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    amazon-bezos-mobile-webstoreAmazon wages

    wallet warfare

    Local Register: Bezos’ credit

    card reader v PayPal/Square


    13 Aug’14

    On 14 April we reported on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’impatience in waiting for his team to launch its own payment systems. It just fired a major shot

  • Square's secret of success with Starbucks

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    Secret of Square’s

    Starbucks success

    Early $25m loss recovered in

    wider use by indie resellers


    13 Aug’14

    WhenStarbucks invested $25 million in Square,CEO Howard Schultz proclaimed it to be "the fastest-growing opportunity we've ever seen in terms of customer acceptance."

  • Microsoft close on Cloud leaders

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    nadella-satya-microsoftMicrosoft close

    on cloud leaders

    Enterprise CIO’s prefer Azure

    to Amazon & Google services


    13 Aug’14

    Microsoft’scloud services are catching up to Amazon and Google in the battle to supply companies with cloud computing services, acording to a recent survey of CIOs

  • HP: Autonomy CFO's fraudster fury

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    Lynch-Mike-HP-hot-potatoHP: Autonomy's

    ‘fraudster’ fury

    CFO Hussain claims that Meg

    & Co hiding its incompetence


    13 Aug’14

    The former CFO of UK software house Autonomy has hit back at HP’s fraudster claims with allegations of a ‘corrupt’ cover up by the ex-tech giant. This 'hot potato' saga is set to get hotter. Watch the flames...

  • Veritiv Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Veritiv-truck-sunsetVeritiv: not very

    active results...

    New paper and packaging

    distribution duo disappoints


    13 Aug’14

    Veritiv, the clumsily renamed paper and packaging distribution merger of UniSource and xpedx (ex International Paper) reported declining results for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14

  • HP diss-inking dealers instantly

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    HP-instsnt-ink-woman2HP: Diss-inking

    dealers instantly

    Hardening protection plan

    with subscription model in

    race to bottom of the well


    12 Aug’14

    Launched in January in the US, HPextended its ‘Instant Ink’ programme to the UK in May. What will be the effect of this move on OP dealers?

  • Samsung stung by copycats

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    samsung-copier-cat-printerSimulator Samsung

    stung by copycats

    Cheap Chinese tech makers

    engage in race to the bottom


    12 Aug’14

    For Samsung Electronics the grim assessments continue to roll in. Its multiplicity of new smartphone iterations and confused marketing driving down margins

  • Importance: Office supplies or blood plasma?

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    Blood-plasma-v-office-supplyLevel of importance:

    Office supplies

    or blood plasma?

    Mockers of Amazon same-day

    delivery need a reality check


    12 Aug’14 (Complete)

    Last week’s news from Amazonabout extending same day delivery service to 6 Northeast cities plus, advances in drone activity, have attracted ridicule from many observers. This was a typical reaction to many similar innovative advances in the past. 

  • Why does stockmarket punish Staples?

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    sargent-staples-ship-steers-stormy-watersWhy does market

    punish Staples?

    At least one analyst that gets

    it: “Why I'm bullish on Staples”


    11 Aug’14

    Staples the #1 global business supplies reseller reports Q2’14 results next Wednesday. Market capitalization is down 28% year to date. Why do analysts and the market underrate the transforming business supplies specialist? Here’s a rare one that doesn’t…

  • Economy Watch: Reasons to be cheerful v gloomsayers

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    glass-half-empty-fullReasons to

    be Cheerful

    What today's economic

    gloomsayers are missing


    11 Aug’14

    WSJ correspondent Joel Mokyr penned a great op-ed last Friday: “Science is enabling invention like never before and in ways that will improve life but isn't captured by GDP statistics” We comment on his analysis...

  • Back to School: Deep discounts and digital trends

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    Back to School market

    Deep discounts;

    digital dominant

    Pencils and notebooks demand

    slows as students opt for online


    11 Aug’14

    Retailers no longer have the weather to blame for slow back to school demand, but that doesn't mean consumers are out shopping with gusto. Early reports from the marketplace indicate a tough season dominated by discounts and online activity…

  • Office Depot's Unbelievable Survival Plan

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    Survival Plan?

    Depot's Chainsaw Smith: "Who,

    What & How" empty rhetoric 


    8 Aug'14 (Complete)

    Office Depot's new turnaround CEO 'Chainsaw Roly Smith was appointed in November 2013. He's made a number of statements whilst assembling his itinerant team of retail relics plus, at 3 webcasts about his key initiatives and the mysterious USP? We discuss his transformation aka termination plan..

  • US Productivity powers ahead

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    Productivity-to-lucyUS Productivity

    powers ahead

    Sceptics still not convinced

    by personal tech megatrend


    8 Aug’14

    US workers' productivity rose in the second quarter, regaining momentum after a sharp plunge in the first three months of the year. The business supplies industry should rise to the challenge of accelerating this positive pace....

  • Dixons Carphone a silly selfish name

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    dixons-carphone-jamesDixons CarPhone:

silly selfish name?

    CarPhone Warehouse founder
    insists on anachronistic brand


    8 Aug’14
    Dixons Carphone has made a lacklustre start to life with the shares losing more than 3% after their first day's trading.

  • Twitter shifts to performance based fees

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    costolo-dick-twitter-hands-flyTwitter's page

    out of Facebook

    Shifts to performance pay

    structure from engagement


    8 Aug’14

    Twitter is the best form of permission based marketing tool and conversations happening every day in real time. It will move from a pay-per-engagement model to a system that lets a marketer set a performance goal...

  • London's Anglo and Almo merge

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    Doyle-Glenn-AngloLondon’s new

    A team dealers

    Progressive resellers merge

    resources to serve the City


    8 Aug’14 (Complete)

    London based OP dealers Anglo and Almo have joined forces to expand its plans to achieve £20m ($32m) sales in the hot City market. We spoke with Anglo chief Glenn Doyle about this exciting prospect...

  • WBMason Fenway Consumer Show

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    WBMason-fenway-2014WBMason homers

    at Fenway Park

    Megadealer personalised same-

    day delivery across broadline

    business supplies range on show.


    8 Aug’14 (Updated)

    WBMason, the US #1 megadealer hosted its 2nd consumer show at the home of its beloved Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park yesterday with 1500 users attending. We spoke with marketing chief Lindsay DiRuzza and CEO Leo Meehanabout its exciting growth prospects... 

  • HP to sue Autonomy CEO Lynch & CFO Hussain

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    HP-whitman-lynchHP label Lynch,

    and Autonomy

    CFO, fraudsters

    CEO Meg Whitman accused

    pair of causing $Bns of harm


    8 Aug’14 (Updated)

    HP has initiated legal proceedings against AutonomyCEO Mike Lynch and CFO Sushovan Hussain over their actions causing HP to pay an obscene $12Bn for a $1Bn in sales UK software company

  • Stratasys- MakerBot Financial Review Q2'14

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    makerbot-inside-store-bostonMakerBot 3D

    boosts Stratasys

    Breakthroughs with TechData,

    WBMason & Home Depot drive

    rapid future growth platform


    7 Aug'14
    Stratasys,the global 3D maker, parent of Makerbot the leading reseller, posted remarkable growth rates in Q2'14 ended 28 Jun'14
  • Avnet Q4'14 Financial Review

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    hamada-rick-avnetAvnet advances

    fast in electronics

    MSC boosts Electronics volume

    gains offset by slower Tech sales


    7 Aug’14

    Avnet Technology, a $28Bn in sales, global leader in technology distribution and services reported improving sales and profitability in Q4’14 ended 28 Jun’14

  • AV market posts bright HD projections

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    AV-HD-projector-trainerAV market posts

    HDef projections

    Education market boosts sales

    plus, social/World Cup viewing


    7 Aug’14

    Worldwide projector sales enjoyed broad-based expansion across all regions and many industry segments last quarter, according to PMA Research...

  • Mondi Paper Half Year Review 2014

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    hatham-david-mondiMondi packaging;

    paperless move 

    Bags acquisition in industrial

    packaging to offset decline


    7 Aug’14

    Mondi, the once mighty papermaker is shifting its focus towards packaging in line with other industry leaders to offset faling paper demand. according to accounts to 30 Jun’14

  • Keurig Green Mountain Q3'14 Financial Review

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    Keurig-montage-2013Coffee king Keurig

    growth cools off

    Adds famous brands to portfolio;

    ready for new 2.0 brewer launch


    7 Aug’14

    Keurig Green Mountain, the $4Bn+ in sales leader in specialty coffee brewers for US homes and offices, today announced another slow down in sales growth but increased profitability in Q3’14 ended 28 Jun’14

  • Cenveo Q2'14 Financial Review

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    burton-robert-cenveoCenveo: National

    Env. integration

    Packaging and label group

    continues steady consolidation


    6 Aug’14

    Cenveo, the print, envelope, label and packaging company reported its financial results to 30 June’14 including National Envelope...

  • Nortek - Ergotron Financial Review Q2'14

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    Ergotron-workfit-standup-ladyErgotron boost Nortek’s growth

    Sit/stand desks & charging tech power education sales

    6 Aug’14

    Nortek,the diversified parent of technology brand Ergotron, reported impressive growth gains in the education market for its innovative products in Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14. Analysis later today

  • Good, bad and ugly advertising

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    ads-good-bad-uglyFAME INDEX


    Why do office marketers persist
    with deceptive messages and
    lifeless, funeral parlor imagery?

    6 Aug’14 (Updated)
    As keen students of the office market we take delight in the direction of lighter, brighter and whiter, open collaborative and productive workspaces. Unfortunately, many furniture and accessory maker marketers don’t get it, yet…

  • Office Depot Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Depot deluded...

    Chainsaw Smith’s “optimisation”

    “synergy” aka savagery rolls.

    Opaque USP $1Bn target?


    5 Aug’14 (Updated 15:00ET)

    Office Depot/Max, the beleaguered bigbox OP combo continued its slide towards $15Bn sales and losing market share rapidly, according Q2’14 results. Annual sales rates have fallen 40% since 2007. Meanwhile, CEO Roly Smith's mystery USP rhetoric rolls on in a race to the bottom...

  • UPM Financial Review - Q2'14

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    Pesonen-jussi-upm-reflectingU P M  under paper pressure

    Declining sales continued; turns to plywood pricing for profits

    5 Aug'14

    UPM Kymmene the world’s #3 papermaker reported declining sales but increasing profits for Q2’14 ended 30 Jun’14

  • Can Bose survive Beats/Apple pie?

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    beats-apple-pieCan Bose survive

    Beats/Apple pie?

    New chief files patent complaint

    to reinforce its defensive position


    3 Aug’14

    When Appleannounces it is entering your business, it’s a bad day for any executive. For Bob Maresca, president of Bose Corp., the largest consumer electronics company in Massachusetts, that day came on May 28...

  • How to make content go viral

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    content-marketing-lucyHow to make

    content go viral

    Word of mouth marketing that

    builds an emotional connection


    3 Aug’14

    In ‘Market Like You Mean It’, marketing expert Al Lautenslager explains how you can engage your customers, create brand believers and gain fans for everything you sell. In this edited excerpt, the author discusses the amazing popularity of the uncommon videos a company produced of its very common product.

  • Top colour trends 2015

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    Top colour

    trends 2015

    New hues in office interior,

    accessories/devices design


    2 Aug’14 (Complete)

    Contrary to many observers’ views, the office market has always been at the forefront of fashion, design and creativity. We provide insight on the new colour trends that are happenong in 2014 and in the pipeline for 2015…

  • Danwood CEO Steve Francis' deluded denial

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    danwood-turtle-turnedDanwood CEO’s deluded denial

    Can he transform team after turmoil & fantasy forecasts

    1 Aug’14
    CRN recently interviewed Steve Francis, turnaround chief of the UK’s biggest print reseller Danwood. Would he repeat his critical rant of previous management and industry standards?

  • 3D Systems Q2'14 Financial Review + Simbionics

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    reichental-avi-3D-products3D Systems  
    dynamic growth

    Destination driver opportunity
    not taken by indie OP retailers


    31 Jul’14
    3D Systems Corporation announced continued strong growth in sales but declining profits  in its Q2’14 financial report and acquired 3D surgical simulation firm Simbionix….

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