• IP packaging aircraft carrierIP wants DSSmith;
    rejects Suzano bid 

    Will Brazilian papermaker
    raise offer for pack'g giant?

    International Paper (IP) market cap edged higher by 1.3% amid a report that Brazil's Suzanois raising its $15Bn offer for the packaging giant. Meanwhile, IP tried to reassure European packaging maker DSSmithabout its already agreed $7.4Bn deal. Watch this space as Suzano deal makes sense...

  • Dochelli Harry Essendant 24Essendant for sale?
    Who's interested?

    Speculation! Sycamore seeks
    buyer: CNG, Imperial, Brady+?

    The consolidation of the HyPac marketplace continued apace with both makers' and distributors' aggression similar to the OP market rollup in the 90's. Struggling OP wholesalers is a global worry for dealers, with the largest Essendant owned by Sycamoreof particular concern. Will the vulture capitalist sell it and to whom? We discuss the likely candidates; the benefits and the risks involved... Updated

  • horst jason SPR CNGCan CNG's man
    respring SPR?

    Will Horst broaden range
    & elevate service levels? 

    Competitive pressure from Amazon and Essendant have halved SPR sales volumes over recent years. Acquired by CNG over a year ago, has service level performance improved? We spoke with several dealers to get the latest situation. Indications are that old school 'cosy' management methods are obsolete? How will new CCO Jason Horstattack the market priorities? Complete

  • smith gerry depot deckchair shifter 21Depot sinks down,
    deeper and down

    Vacuous Varis vanquished.
    Federation fed up & fading?

    Beleaguered ODP Corp (aka-Depot-Max) reported another disguised demand decline in Q1'24; down -56%+ in volume on pre Covid 'norm' Q1'20; We analyse ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smithdesperate, delusional denials on the vanquished Varisdiversions. How much longer can Smith 'fool all the people, all of the time'? Full analysis here inc.BS Anal ysts' Q&A session

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