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  • Lederer John StaplesStaples' 5th Anniv
    of vulture control?

    What has Sycamore's agent
    Lederer achieved? Industry
    chiefs review and comment

    In June'17 vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners bought Staples for $6.9Bn. The industry quaked! What has happened since? Proficiency Post chronicled its demise from $16Bn down to a current $8Bn with the ex-powerhouse a shell of its former self. What do leading vendors and IDC think? We surveyed and report here to date

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  • Dochelli Harry ESND 21Essendant: Big call
    for dlrs digital drive 

    Latest trends: US economy;
    Srvce hybrid workers alert!

    Leading business supplies wholesaler Essendant's leadership team justhosted dealers and suppliers at a virtual Town Hall event. It proved a great opportunity to connect and share latest market perspectives; top economist Brian Beaulieu's view; plus new initiatives. We spoke with president Harry Dochelli on key takeaways... 

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 27 at 11.11.12 AMMason's Blizzard

    blasts Buffett's DQ

    Fed Judge rules Water label
    doesn't infringe Trademark

    Warren Buffett
    owned Dairy Queen (DQ) had issues with business supplier WBMason's labeling of its 'Blizzard' branded water, but the Minnesota federal judge ruled 'no customer confusion'. DQ sued in 2018 but WB's lawyers were always confident claims were "ridiculous". PP dives inside the saga...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 13 at 4.24.53 PMCreate cool hybrid
    work experiences

    How people work better in
    the flexible future of work

    Even before Covid some organizations began experimenting with mobile work, shifting ownership for spaces and offering more choice for people to move where they worked based on their activities. Some companies allowed hybrid work, giving employees flexibility to WFH. Now, the practice has become the mainstream even those who believed it wasn’t a fit for them.

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  • Inflation bubble manThe Proficiency

    I n f l a t i o n Index

    +15% average price hikes
    boost profits by +30/40%!

    The Q1'22 reporting season is complete. Proficiency Index have analysed results and separated out the price inflation element, from real volume performance. HPInc, HPE, ABM, UNFI and Costco were the last  companies to report inflated profits fueled by high price hikes; a total of 90 companies analysed 

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MPS thornCannibalize MPS!
Print RIP. MTS go!

Recycler questions future
amid rapid digital drive

The Recycler
has raised the future of managed print services (MPS) market with its readers.  In reality, consumers know printing adds cost to communications compared with the new digital world. We review the market researcher Quocirca's analysis and comment....

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Screen Shot 2022 06 17 at 12.59.53 PMCavalier Musk
muzzles freedom

Elon elicits irony button in
addressing Twitter teams

For weeks, Elon Musk has publicly trashed Twitter, even though he is buying the company in a $44Bn deal. Yesterday, he finally acted like an owner... although an irresponsible one. His rambling address was predictable but illuminating touching on growth, potential layoffs, TikTok, the existence of alien life-forms and even the cosmic nature of Twitter.

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Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 12.27.08 PMViva la modern
sales application!

Microsoft combines CRM,
365 & Teams experience

Mighty Microsoft today introduced Viva Sales, a new app that combines any CRM tool, 365 and Teams to provide a more streamlined selling experience. Hybrid working challenges sales people: spending more time in video conference rooms, connecting with customers and closing deals. "Viva meets that challenge" claims CCO Judson Althoff

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Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 11.28.01 AMComplete fleet's
electric refresh

National delivery roll out
drives carbon free plans

the leading UK business supplier has followed its  brand 'infinity' refresh with the arrival of new EV fleet to serve national customers. We spoke with ceo Richard Coulson about progress and plans for the group's reinvention post Covid disruption. Later today

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Screen Shot 2022 06 16 at 2.24.54 PMStaples display
welcoming signs

Cold Connect stores image
set for greeting makeover?

a digital advertising & analytics provider for retailers, has signed an agreement with Staples, to instal digital display welcome systems in its US stores. Hopefully, this is a positive step to rid the cold grey, lifeless store image and revive the original warm red brand experience?

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Screen Shot 2022 06 15 at 11.16.12 AMMillerKnoll: Fulton
Market escapade?

Dynamic Design Days drive
innovations in hybrid work

Leading brands  
furnituremaker MillerKnoll hosted its first Design Days with product launches and events this week at the Fulton Market showrooms in Chicago.  Knoll was the first maker to escape NeoCon. How successful has the move been?

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Screen Shot 2022 06 07 at 1.37.00 PMNeocon: Flexible
workspace future

What's Next in productive
& collaborative interiors?

The 53rd Edition of NeoCon, the US leading interior design & furniture show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago is happening...Day 3.. We review the key exhibits & latest products and innovative interiors driving personal productivity...updated 

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WHSmith slideWHSmith travel
rescues High St.

Brighter outlook disguises
confusing retail strategy

Messy international news & stationery retailer WHSmith updated onexpected improved full year results to 31 Aug'22. There were signs of strong recovery in travel stores, but ceo Carl Cowling continued its downsizing plans and characteristic opaque reporting

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Fedex truck crash off roadCan failing FedEx
buy market love?

Activist pressure; hikes divi;
extends board; Fred exits

Fading delivery force FedEx today added 2 directors in agreement with activist hedge fund DEShaw and raised its dividend by 50%+. It also unveiled plans, post founder Fred Smith's long awaited retirement. Can the 'leopard change its arrogant spots' and compete with progressive rivals Amazon & UPS 

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commodity cliffPrinter Paper mkt
plunge pervasive

Target Report on industry
decline, M&A + transitions

The Printer Paper market in volume terms is running at <50% 2010 levels. Huge inflationary price hikes have disguised the decline. Consolidation of makers & distributors is on fire. Conversion of facilities to hygiene and packaging is accelerating. The Target Report describes the decline and summarises details...

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