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  • Lederer John StaplesStaples' 5th Anniv
    of vulture control?

    What has Sycamore's agent
    Lederer achieved? Industry
    chiefs review and comment

    In June'17 vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners bought Staples for $6.9Bn. The industry quaked! What has happened since? Proficiency Post chronicled its demise from $16Bn down to a current $8Bn with the ex-powerhouse a shell of its former self. What do leading vendors and IDC think? We surveyed and report here to date

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  • Dochelli Harry ESND 21Essendant: Big call
    for dlrs digital drive 

    Latest trends: US economy;
    Srvce hybrid workers alert!

    Leading business supplies wholesaler Essendant's leadership team justhosted dealers and suppliers at a virtual Town Hall event. It proved a great opportunity to connect and share latest market perspectives; top economist Brian Beaulieu's view; plus new initiatives. We spoke with president Harry Dochelli on key takeaways... 

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 27 at 11.11.12 AMMason's Blizzard

    blasts Buffett's DQ

    Fed Judge rules Water label
    doesn't infringe Trademark

    Warren Buffett
    owned Dairy Queen (DQ) had issues with business supplier WBMason's labeling of its 'Blizzard' branded water, but the Minnesota federal judge ruled 'no customer confusion'. DQ sued in 2018 but WB's lawyers were always confident claims were "ridiculous". PP dives inside the saga...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 13 at 4.24.53 PMCreate cool hybrid
    work experiences

    How people work better in
    the flexible future of work

    Even before Covid some organizations began experimenting with mobile work, shifting ownership for spaces and offering more choice for people to move where they worked based on their activities. Some companies allowed hybrid work, giving employees flexibility to WFH. Now, the practice has become the mainstream even those who believed it wasn’t a fit for them.

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  • Inflation bubble manThe Proficiency

    I n f l a t i o n Index

    +15% average price hikes
    boost profits by +30/40%!

    The Q1'22 reporting season is complete. Proficiency Index have analysed results and separated out the price inflation element, from real volume performance. HPInc, HPE, ABM, UNFI and Costco were the last  companies to report inflated profits fueled by high price hikes; a total of 90 companies analysed 

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Screen Shot 2022 06 09 at 10.48.06 AMThe Never 'Back
to Office' backlash

Bosses optimism re RTO
across businesses abates

Back to the office? Does never work for you? Employer plans have played out like a game of chicken. "Now workers are rebelling outright, and bosses are trying everything to make the office worth it" writes NY Times' 'Future of Work' writer Emma Goldberg. We discuss her research and discuss the impact on the business supplies market

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Screen Shot 2022 06 10 at 12.34.48 PMAmazon's Brand
Protection report

Customer obsession raised
to make rogues liable

customers expect when they buy from its webstore or from third-party selling partners, they will receive an authentic product. Its second Brand Protection Report, details a wide range of exciting progress and powerful efforts to protect their brands, and holding bad actors accountable.

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clark dave amazon biz 21Amazon delivery
leader to leave

Bezos' 20yr partner joins
supply software start up

 founder Jeff Bezos' 20 years partner and consumer champion is leaving on 1July.  Dave Clark will be joining supply chain software start-up Flexport as CEO. Why now? Has new ceo Andy Jassy put Clark under 'profitability' pressure given slowing demand, excess inventory and increasing operating costs?

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target off targetOff Target takes
big 'overstock' hit

Discounted clearance sales
of unwanted WFH products

Leading US retoiler Target shares fell heavily today as it warned of lower profits from an aggressive plan to sell off unwanted inventory. CEO Brian Cornell wants clearance of WFH apparel, tech and furniture, for the season of summer groceries & back-to-school supplies.

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Lucy home working 21Gaining visibility
of hybrid work

How to max engagement
& trust of flexible workers

Flexible work comes with huge benefits — but it's challenging when measuring performance, as traditional approaches rely on normal  working hours. HBR's Gabriela Mauch uses a study of 50,000 employees to explore how leaders can better understand behaviour that will empower their teams and be most effective for their business.

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Screen Shot 2022 06 08 at 11.49.07 AMStaples stakes
Basics' dealers

Large Canadian resellers
defect to sinking bigbox

Beleaguered bigbox reseller Staples Pro Canada has acquired two of Office Basics largest members. We were surprised given the strength of management, but not shocked given the difficulty to pivot to hygiene, packaging and tech categories without broadline business supplies wholesaler support 

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Douglas sandy UNFIUnited Natural
Foods fired up! 

Ex-Staples chief feeds
healthier WFH lifestyle

US #1 broadline food wholesaler United Natural Foods (UNFI) reported strong Q3'22 results“. As consumers continue to seek at-home food solutions, UNFI remains dedicated to providing our resellers with a competitive service" said new ceo Sandy Douglas

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Screen Shot 2022 06 06 at 12.20.33 PMApple's WWDC
"Nerds' Nirvana"

Developments devoted to 
all devices. Fans delighted

Apple's WWDC 2022 Event
 is the biggest software announcement of the year. Almost every single device made — from the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPods to the Watch,  got some love during the address including multiple improvements including the new  MacBook Air chip

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Tillis Bob Jason imperial 21Imperial bags
51st acquisition 

Rapid ragbag rollup raises
Bain's strategy questions?

VC Bain Capital owned Imperial Dade, continued the rapid roll-up of regional hygiene, food service & packaging suppliers in the US. The latest minor move in Connecticut tracks a path pioneered by Bunzl and followed by FEMSA-Envoy and BradyIFSThe persistent question prolongs: will Bain back brand and systems integration; seek a merger with Veritivor asset strip and flip?

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Sweder Ken BradyIFS 22 thumb medium300 0BradyIFS boosts
NEast presence 

Joins Imperial/Envoy battle
blazing in hygiene supply

The hygiene & packaging market is on fire with M&A activity happening weekly! Bain Cap's Imperial Dade FEMSA's Envoy led the way in acquiring regional jansan dealers, now BradyIFS is in hot pursuit. Envoy recently announced acq #14; Imperial #50 and now Brady adds #13, a US NEast reseller expanding beyond the $1Bn+ sales 

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