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  • Lederer John StaplesStaples' 5th Anniv
    of vulture control?

    What has Sycamore's agent
    Lederer achieved? Industry
    chiefs review and comment

    In June'17 vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners bought Staples for $6.9Bn. The industry quaked! What has happened since? Proficiency Post chronicled its demise from $16Bn down to a current $8Bn with the ex-powerhouse a shell of its former self. What do leading vendors and IDC think? We surveyed and report here to date

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  • Dochelli Harry ESND 21Essendant: Big call
    for dlrs digital drive 

    Latest trends: US economy;
    Srvce hybrid workers alert!

    Leading business supplies wholesaler Essendant's leadership team justhosted dealers and suppliers at a virtual Town Hall event. It proved a great opportunity to connect and share latest market perspectives; top economist Brian Beaulieu's view; plus new initiatives. We spoke with president Harry Dochelli on key takeaways... 

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 27 at 11.11.12 AMMason's Blizzard

    blasts Buffett's DQ

    Fed Judge rules Water label
    doesn't infringe Trademark

    Warren Buffett
    owned Dairy Queen (DQ) had issues with business supplier WBMason's labeling of its 'Blizzard' branded water, but the Minnesota federal judge ruled 'no customer confusion'. DQ sued in 2018 but WB's lawyers were always confident claims were "ridiculous". PP dives inside the saga...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 13 at 4.24.53 PMCreate cool hybrid
    work experiences

    How people work better in
    the flexible future of work

    Even before Covid some organizations began experimenting with mobile work, shifting ownership for spaces and offering more choice for people to move where they worked based on their activities. Some companies allowed hybrid work, giving employees flexibility to WFH. Now, the practice has become the mainstream even those who believed it wasn’t a fit for them.

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  • Inflation bubble manThe Proficiency

    I n f l a t i o n Index

    +15% average price hikes
    boost profits by +30/40%!

    The Q1'22 reporting season is complete. Proficiency Index have analysed results and separated out the price inflation element, from real volume performance. HPInc, HPE, ABM, UNFI and Costco were the last  companies to report inflated profits fueled by high price hikes; a total of 90 companies analysed 

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yamashita ricoh ceoRicoh reacts with
UCC market move

Late drive from MPS into
Managed Tech services

Giant print and MPS provider Ricoh, continued its late drive into digital office transformation with two acquisitions of companies specialising in unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services.

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neri antonio HPE grip thumb other250 0HPE  H o l l o w

Progress Ebbing?

Complacent ceo clutching
straws over weaker results

Tech relic HP Enterprise ceo Antonio Neri continued to hype progress & divert attention from disappointing results in its Q2'22 report. What's happening to drive market share growth? Perhaps, the embryonic Aruba SaaS cloud business can be the growth catalyst?

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johnsen walter acme nyse lrAcme secures
Safety addition

Cutting tools maker drives
into personalised first aid

Leading cutting tools maker
Acme United Corporation today announced that it has acquired the assets of a New Hampshire based manufacturer of first aid kits for the promotional products industry. This expands Acme's drive into the first aid and safety products market 

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Lores Enrique HP 22 arrogant thumb other250 0Haughty HP inks 

huge price hikes

PC's up, but losing share.
Printers & ink volume sink

Old tech giant, HP Inc's printer & ink sales continued their secular decline in Q2'22, mitigated by high price hikes. PC demand was strong, but still losing market share to Dell & Lenovo. Can haughty, complacent ceo Enrique Lores really reinvent the fading force? We review the analysts' weak Q&A session

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martin geoff CCLAvery acquires
tag & labelmaker

CCL industries expands
international mkt footprint

CCL Industries,
 the $6Bn in sales specialist labelmaker, announced it has agreed to acquire a Dutch tag and labelmaker. CEO Geoff Martin was excited to welcome a strong player to its successful operations in Brazil 

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plantronics lady painPoly plunges on 

supply backlog

HP takeover: Revival or
video comms laggard?


Poly (ex-Plantronics)
the former leader in audio & video comms for business, reported continuing sales declines in Q4'22. The reactive ceo, post the Polycom disastrous write-off, now presides over a late entry in Zoom/Teams rooms developments; and recently was acquired by HP, but can it be saved?

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redondo antonio navigatorNavigator's highly
inflated price hikes

Profiteering on slow paper

sales; +25-40% increases

Portugal's Navigator Paper Company, the leading quality brand papermaker, reported higher sales and profits entirely from +40% pulp  and +30% paper price increases. Tissue demand was steady reported ceo Antonio Redondo 

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jelenick craig costco wh thumb150 Costco comps
consistently high

Online growth slows. Store
traffic returns + price hikes

Leading international $190Bn+ home & business supplier Costco is on a double-digit % growth roll. "After a slow adoption process the  ecommerce experience for essentials has sustained performance, with higher traffic and ticket values" reported ceo Craig Jelenik. 

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Zhang Dan Alibaba 21Alibaba's advance
decelerates fast

New services mirror AMZN
initiatives in Alexa & Cloud

China's Alibaba the $130Bn+ in sales, MCommerce giant reported its slowest growth rate ever in Q4'22. ceo Daniel Zheng provided details of new services in cloud, grocery delivery & VA ordering that copycat Amazon's innovations. Surely it has abandoned US trading plans in conjunction with diminished Depot by now?

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Screen Shot 2022 04 13 at 11.52.20 AMRecession Rants:
Real or Rhetoric?

Bear mkt, stagflation fears
v strong economy & jobs

The US/UK economies are still  strong, with unemployment levels at their lowest point since 1969. Yet all the media talk is about recession and stagflation caused by high inflation through Covid shortages and the Ukraine invasion. "There may be a recession over the next few years, but do people understand why?" asks NYTimes economic commentator Paul Krugman 

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