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  • Lederer John StaplesStaples' 5th Anniv
    of vulture control?

    What has Sycamore's agent
    Lederer achieved? Industry
    chiefs review and comment

    In June'17 vulture capitalist Sycamore Partners bought Staples for $6.9Bn. The industry quaked! What has happened since? Proficiency Post chronicled its demise from $16Bn down to a current $8Bn with the ex-powerhouse a shell of its former self. What do leading vendors and IDC think? We surveyed and report here to date

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  • Dochelli Harry ESND 21Essendant: Big call
    for dlrs digital drive 

    Latest trends: US economy;
    Srvce hybrid workers alert!

    Leading business supplies wholesaler Essendant's leadership team justhosted dealers and suppliers at a virtual Town Hall event. It proved a great opportunity to connect and share latest market perspectives; top economist Brian Beaulieu's view; plus new initiatives. We spoke with president Harry Dochelli on key takeaways... 

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 27 at 11.11.12 AMMason's Blizzard

    blasts Buffett's DQ

    Fed Judge rules Water label
    doesn't infringe Trademark

    Warren Buffett
    owned Dairy Queen (DQ) had issues with business supplier WBMason's labeling of its 'Blizzard' branded water, but the Minnesota federal judge ruled 'no customer confusion'. DQ sued in 2018 but WB's lawyers were always confident claims were "ridiculous". PP dives inside the saga...Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 13 at 4.24.53 PMCreate cool hybrid
    work experiences

    How people work better in
    the flexible future of work

    Even before Covid some organizations began experimenting with mobile work, shifting ownership for spaces and offering more choice for people to move where they worked based on their activities. Some companies allowed hybrid work, giving employees flexibility to WFH. Now, the practice has become the mainstream even those who believed it wasn’t a fit for them.

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  • Inflation bubble manThe Proficiency

    I n f l a t i o n Index

    +15% average price hikes
    boost profits by +30/40%!

    The Q1'22 reporting season is complete. Proficiency Index have analysed results and separated out the price inflation element, from real volume performance. HPInc, HPE, ABM, UNFI and Costco were the last  companies to report inflated profits fueled by high price hikes; a total of 90 companies analysed 

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Millennials mobiles

5 myths about
Millennials in
the Workplace

Gap gabfest garbage.
Diffs: attitude or age?

There's constant labelling in conferences, national & office press about 'Millennial Generation Gap’ (15-35yr olds). It’s always been the mainstream workforce, but do they behave differently to baby boomers, or need to be treated specially?

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Screen Shot 2015 05 28 at 17.24.55The O f f i c e
of the F u t u r e

Urban collab-workspace

energizes hi-productivity

The Bisnow organized 'Office of the Future' event in Boston last Thursday successfully communicated what users & owners want from workplacestoday, complete

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coke whiteway catchCan Coke catch
the Whitewave?

Will Pepsi tailgater move
into $14Bn bev market?


Can anything reverse soda's slide at Coca-Cola? Consumers want something better than sweet carbonated beverage, so volumes will continue fall unless they react quickly...

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PC market plungeWill Windows 10
save PC market?

Can 4 years decline be 
halted v mobile devices?


The arrival of Windows 10 will bring some hope to the ailing PC market, but vendors and partners still need to work hard to convince customers of the benefits, according to IDC.

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Bezos amazons robin hoodPiranha/Partner 
peculiar parallel

OPI renews AMZN study
to Germany. Relevance?

OPI and MWA have released a new market research report that investigates Amazon as an office supplier in Germany. Are Amazon biting or backing dealers. Updated & Complete

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pelikan loo hooi keatPelikan products
plunge persists

Bleak future for maker;
in tailspinning decline

the international stationery maker, continued its tails spinning spiral in Q1'15. 

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hilleard steve opiHappy Birthday
Steve Hilleard!

Old & Past It or ready

to revive ex-must read?

OPI's CEO Steve Hilleard celebrates his 50th birthday today! Congrats Steve! Welcome to the guild of aging office publishers... 

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dell michael smile lrDell delighted
w/private year 

Renews channel focus
investment & security

has issued a report outlining its financial performance over the past year – its first full one as a private firm.

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bezos amazon achilles heelAmazon Achilles
heel emerging? 

Elements expansion of
commodity private label

Following countless resellers, Amazon is expanding its lineup of private-label to inc. food & beverage supplies to business. Will this reversal of original brand strategy be Bezos' first big stab in his own foot?

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Rahman hosain jawboneJawbone hits
Fitbit IP theft

Distraction for health
tracker ahead of IPO

As it approaches an initial public offering, fitness-tracker company Fitbit faces a lawsuit from rival Jawbone that is spiced with betrayal and the alleged theft of trade secrets.

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