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  • hybrid office zoom mtg 22Furniture mkt on
    high hybrid alert!

    Corp office recovery softer.
    Strong WFH demand slows

    Furniture Market Review Q4'22-23: Covid crushed the corporate furniture market. Leading makers still report -30% demand declines compared with the 2019 norm. During Covid, WFH suppliers like Amazon, Wayfair, DWR (MillerKnoll) exploded with record revenues, now normalizing. We review leaders disappointing results and the new hybrid work developments accelerating the wellness & ergonomics movement e.g. Fellowes. Updated for Steelcase/MillerKnoll

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  • Emperor no clothes 23Old OP Emperors

    have no clothes!

    Trad product sellers outed
    by productivity srvcs shift

    There's been much recession talk recently: macro economic headwinds, high inflation, depressing optimism. How much is real given the huge prices boost on lower volumes? Whilst ex-leaders eg. Acco, HP, Newell, 3M & VOW decline despite complacent commentary, progressive players reinvented to meet the 'personalized productivity service' needs of users. We highlight losers and the big winners..Complete

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  • resilient leaders 23Bouncebackability
    Index Leaderboard

    Q4'22 analysis highlights
    resilient Winners v Losers

    Reports are all in for Business Supply players in Q4'22. Predictably they show inflated profits but weak sales recovery v pre-Covid 'norm' Q4'19. Proficiency Index reports the Leaderboard of makers, wholesalers & dealers' 'Bouncebackability' performance. It covers 100 leading paper & printer makers, hygiene, foodservice and packaging suppliers, OP/furnituremakers and retailers Updated

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  • Screen Shot 2022 12 09 at 2.14.03 PMHealthy Hygiene
    market normalizes

    Who won/lost market share?
    Price inflation average +12%

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q4'22 analysis is almost complete with brand volumes slowing, boosted by double-digit price hikes. Updated for KPTissue, Sappi & Suzano. Diversey delayed to 22Mar

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  • women marketeers top 9 jul16Top 50 Women
    Marketers 2023

    Leaders in creativity, sales,
    brand growth performance

    Marketing to businesses by brandmakers & resellers was traditionally dominated by men. As we celebrate International Women's Day, Proficiency Index recognises the most successful women leaders. This is 16th edition of 'Top 50 Women in Business Supply', the market's real growth achievers, including new entrants from progressive independent dealers.

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venhuizen john ace

Ace's high again
WFH market

Dealer group winning
market share v bigboxes

Ace Hardware 
the leading dealer owned, home improvement cooperative, reported strong organic growth boosted by double-digit price inflation in Q4'22. The best practice model group, increased market share v major competitors Home Depot & Lowesproving the power of personalized marketing and convenience over a buying group mentality 

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benioff Marc Salesforce 22Salesforce soars
beyond $31Bn

CRM king elevates cloud
despite exec departures

CRM #1 provider Salesforce ceo Mark Benioffbrimmed with enthusiasm about growth trends in Q4'23 and a magical $30Bn+ revenues achieved in 2023. Yet Wall St was not impressed, nor by recent co-ceo and Slack chief exits plus activist shareholders interest? The lone wolf leader seems unfazed...

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Ellison Marvin Lowes 23Lowes slows down

from WFH highs

Loses market share to
Home Depot & Ace H/W

the US #2, $100Bn sales home improvement retailer reported Q4'22 financial results. CEO Marvin Ellison commented on a better than expected performance especially its PRO business with SMB-trades people, but made no reference to lost market share with main rivals.

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Smith Gerry Depot Bizarro 2 thumb medium300 0Drowning Depot's
desperate disaster

'Bizarro' Smith's delusional
dialogue disguises demise

Beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp (aka-Office Depot-Office Max) reported another disguised -18% volume decline in Q4'22; -50% down on pre Covid 'norm' Q4'19; and down $5Bn since 2017. We analyse ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith's deceptive report; the hollow and vague Varis & Veyer diversions, plus his verbose BS commentary,including the faux Q&A analysts session. No anaysts in attendance!?. Updated

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Tillis Jason Bob Imperial 23Imperial's triple
play in Canada 

Builds on Veritiv platform
Adds #60,#61,#62 acqs

After a 1 month hiatus (!), VC Advent owned Imperial Dade, resumed the rapid roll-up of regional hygiene, food service & packaging suppliers in US-Canada. This latest triple play in Canada, building on its Veritiv platform, has re-ignited the takeover stakes v main rival Envoy Solutions. The persistent question remains: will Advent really invest in systems and brand integration?

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Durante Nick Reckitt ceoReckitt rebounds
with higher prices 

Hygiene brands hesitant.
Wellness + Nutrition strong

Reckitt the £14Bn ($18Bn) UK based international consumer hygiene & health products giant, reported powerful Q4'22 results, boosted by double digit price hikes, as consumers "resumed 'normal' pre Covid wellness and nutrition trends" commented new ceo Nicandro Durante. Updated 

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Screen Shot 2023 03 02 at 3.25.03 PMNPD OfficeSupply
report's nonsense!

Understates sales volume
2022 declines v '21 & '19

Reputable research group NPD just published a report on the US Office Supplies market (excluding hygiene & refreshments) for 2022. What is it smoking? It reckons sales volumes are only down -10 to 12% v 2021 & 2019!? All factual evidence from industry leaders confirm at least -30% shortfall v 2019 pre Covid norms?

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Lores enrique HP tuned outHaughty HP inks 

PCs/Print plunge

'Protectionist' losing mkt
share & print volumes sink

Old tech giant, HP Inc's printer & ink sales volume continued to decline double digits in Q1'23, mitigated by high inflationary price hikes. PC demand sank and losing market share to Dell & Lenovo.Can complacent, in denial, ceo Enrique Lores really reinvent the fading force whilst resorting to protectionism. Updated

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Screen Shot 2023 02 28 at 12.46.00 PMWayward Wayfair
wasting a w a y?

Mgt compensation +60%;
operating losses top $1B

the $12Bn in sales, home & office furniture etailer, reported Q4'22 results last week. "They were a complete disaster" said Seeking Alpha analyst Dave Kranzler. "It's close to insolvency, yet if not unethically, management (ceo Niraj Shah) compensation soared" We review analyst's comments. 

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Fisher Mark EnvoyEnvoy cleans up
#33 & #34 acqns

FEMSA allows spinoff subs
to resume rollup strategy?

NEWS SHOCK! FEMSA's hygiene & packaging distribution subsidiary Envoy Solutions, that it announced 15Feb was under divestment review, has resumed its rapid rollup activity. Today, ceo Mark Fisher confirmed the acquisition of #33 a cleaning reseller; and #34 a chemicals maker, both based in Arizona.

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